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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Original Godmother

 God was the first man to learn of the Superior Force.
 Consider the rose: His most aesthetic creation.

 More delicate then the sweetest dream
 and redder than rubies.

 Softer than an April rain, it sends
 the olfactory sense into celestial orbit.

 Poets pound their brain just to describe the rose.

 God invents it. He is excited.

 He proudly runs home to Godette
 finally convinced that this creation business
 is a worthwhile occupation.

“It needs thorns,” She declares.
“But Godette, thorns are dangerous
 and this rose is so beautiful,”  He  protests.

“Yes, my dear, and anything that beautiful needs its own protection.”

 Blogger's Note
 Pythagoras was the second man to learn of the Superior Force.

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