Did he really say that?

The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes = GEORGE CARLIN...Stained glass, engraved glass, frosted glass–give me plain glass = JOHN FOWLES...Music is the mathematics of the gods = PYTHAGORAS...Nothing is more fluid than language = R.L.SWIHART

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Gift From Caryl Hobbes (???)

Once upon a time, postage was thirty seven cents and...
Etta Seamster & Daniel DiMaria were co-Chancellors of LCSoL

Once upon another time
(In 1951)

Cell referred not to a phone
But to an
Animation Cell
When Walt Disney produced ALICE IN WONDERLAND

Before you reach for a tissue
Enjoy this first issue

The Chancellor pro tem of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic
Knew that I'd need a box of Kleenex to wipe the tears that fell
Before ALICE's tears filled the rabbit hole.

Could it be that this gift was actually from Etta Jr and Daniel Jr
(The Incognito & Incommunicado world travelers)?
All I can say is...

If Mr. Hobbes were in this room
And he was his sister
I'd have jumped up
And kissed her!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coca Cola Peaches...

...Could have been the name of this Untitled photograph with a basket of click-worthy text
full of data verbatim.

William Eggleston (American, born 1939), Untitled, 1971. Dye-transfer print, 31.1 x 47.7 cm (12 1/4 x 18 3/4 in). The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2012.300) Purchase, Louis V. Bell, Harris Brisbane Dick, Fletcher, and Rogers Funds and Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, and Elizabeth S. and Robert J. Fisher Gift, 2012. © Eggleston Artistic Trust

At War with the Obvious is a phrase Memphis-born William Eggleston has used to describe his photography. It is also the name of a current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Untitled (Mississippi)

If only all wars were so fraught with wonder.
Mr. Eggleston prefers Untitlement to Entitlement.

Blogger's Note
This page would not have existed were it not
for the daily inspiration of artdaily.com

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monkee Love

Reasoned verse, some prose or rhyme
Lose themselves in other times
And waiting hopes cast cast silent spells
That speak in clouded clues.
It cannot be a part of me,
For now it's part of you.

Careful plays on fields
That seem to vanish when they're in between
And softly as I walk away
In freshly tattered shoe.
It cannot be a part of me
For now it's part of you.

Sunshine, ragtime
Blowing in the breeze.
Midnight, looks right
Standing more at ease.

Silhouettes and figures stay
Close to what he had to say
And one more time the faded dream
Is saddened by the news.
It cannot be a part of me
For now it's part of you.

Well, Sunshine, ragtime
Blowing in the breeze.
Midnight, looks right
Standing more at ease.

According to Wikipedia, Tapioca Tundra was recorded for the Monkees' fifth studio album.
Released in 1968, THE BIRDS, THE BEES & THE MONKEES coincided with the year
their TV show was cancelled.
Despite all the intrigue surrounding the sessions that produced The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees, several songs stand out as some of their finest recorded work. "Tapioca Tundra", an experimental piece of poetry put to music by Michael Nesmith, charted well as the B-side to "Valleri" at #34.
"Auntie's Municipal Court", another Nesmith composition, featured an excellent double lead vocal by Mickey Dolenz and Nesmith, and "Zor and Zam" boasts some of the best Dolenz vocals ever recorded.
Veteran Monkees tunesmiths Boyce and Hart contribute another classic to the proceedings in the psychedelic "P.O. Box 9847", while Davey Jones submits perhaps his finest composition to date in the orchestral "Dream World".

Blogger's Note
When Mr. Hobbes, Chancellor pro tem of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic,
says jump I jump twice. In truth, I am utterly grateful he found
a BONUS VIDEO recorded in October, 2012.

Michael Nesmith performed Tapioca Pudding before a live audience in England.

The song is prefaced by the meeting of two minds.
One of them is Mark Twain and the other is Rudyard Kipling.

He Flung The Thing

Correct me if I'm wrong:
You do not have to be a sports fan
To appreciate the poetry
Of this blockquote.

Andre Iguodala didn't even look.
He just knew, because, darn it, it was that kind of night.
With his back to the basket near the paint, he received a pass and, like a hockey one-timer, flung the thing toward the basket.
So what if Dwight Howard was there?
Kenneth Faried soared above the 7-footer and unleashed a slam,
a sixth-sense assist for Iguodala...

The "poet" is David Hochman

The Infinity Bookcase

The Infinity Bookcase was designed by conceptual artist Job Koelewijn

As CLICK is my witness, the photograph provides a launching pad for David Ulin, a book-loving columnist for the Los Angeles Times.

There are no gaps in Mr. Ulin's column but there appears to be a hole
in the gallery wall.

For more visual information about Mr. Koelewing, click here
As for the correct pronunciation of the artist's name, you are on your own.

GATSBYLAND = Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum





...go to http://fitzgeraldmuseum.net/Gala_2013.html

or call 334.264.4222

Monday, February 25, 2013

(JP1000 #1)

The J in Jazz symbolizes a saxophone.
But both musicians book-ending the word are trumpeters:
Capital-sized Louis Armstrong and z-sized Miles Davis

Just above Mr. Armstrong is another legendary trumpeter, Dizzy Gillespie
Just below Satchmo is the singer, Billie Holiday
Her voice has been likened to a "human trumpet"

This is almost the end of the the first JP1000 post.
The photograph explaining the sequential title is below
But some assembly is required.

George Harrison: Happy Birthday #70

Move over Nina, Here comes the George

Here comes a greeting from your boy band

There goes a post-Beatles George Harrisong

And then, from you to us, let it be known...

Your Last Will & Testament

Blogger's Note
The Peter Max portrait of George Harrison was sepiated by me.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Afterlife News From Onion & Oregano

From the Onion News Network:



From the Oregano News Organization:

Not only is Saddam in heaven but so is Hitler.
According to reports from the Kingdom of God,
Neither Adolph Hitler nor Saddam Hussein have genitalia.
But both have jobs mopping floors in the industrial basement
Of the Eternal Five Towns Condominium Complex.

When the Fuhrer mops the floor,
He can still do a hellacious goose-step

But Hitler always falls on his ass
And we can hear what then happens...



Blogger's Note
Oregano News Organization is an affiliate of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic.



New graffiti work that reads "Danger Thieves" is placed next to a section of a wall
where celebrated street artist Banksy's "Slave Labour" graffiti artwork was removed
in north London on February 23, 2013.
The work that showed a young boy using a sewing machine to make the British flag
has been carefully removed and will be auctioned in Miami where
it's expected to fetch around 328,000 GBP (500,000 USD).
Residents of the North London area have reacted angrily to the removal of the work,
but the auction house says the piece was acquired legally. AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS.

Copyright © artdaily.org

Thank You, Mr. Wertheimer (and Mr. Cosgrove) For Honoring Nina Simone's 80th Birthday

Thursday, February 21...marked NINA SIMONE'S 80th birthday.

This could easily inspire 1680 words from this blogger because 21x80 = 1680
But enough about me.

Kindly direct your attention to a photo essay by Alfred Wertheimer with text by Ben Cosgrove.

However, it is against my religion to create another Nina Simone page without including at least one of her songs

Because we all need someone to watch over me us, Nina's beatific piano introduction is well worth the wait for that special "someone."

Side By Side


IF FEBRUARY... were Grant Wood Month, the photo on the left would be bigger.
But February is Black History Month.

If all months were equal, Grant Wood's American Gothic

And Gordon Parks' photograph with the same title would be the exact same size.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Is Not A New York Deli Story...

It is a New York Dali heist story
NEW YORK (AFP).- US authorities said Tuesday they have arrested a Greek man for making off with a Salvador Dali watercolor and ink painting worth about $150,000 from a New York private art gallery in June. Phivos Istavrioglou, 29, was arrested Saturday at JFK international airport in a sting that lured him to the United States from Italy, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance announced.
"After surveillance images of a suspect were released to the public, the drawing ... was anonymously mailed back to the gallery from Greece.
"A subsequent investigation led to the arrest and indictment of the defendant, who is charged in New York State Supreme Court with Grand Larceny in the Second Degree," Vance said in a statement.
Famously mustachioed Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali's 1949 "Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio" was on display as part of the Venus Over ...

Copyright © artdaily.org

Blogger's Quote
There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.
- Salvador Dali

Now Junior, Behave Yourself (CR #709)

2 Teitelbaums

As for the title...

Blogger's Quote
Brevity uber alles but never at the sacrifice of clarity.
-Brother Regis, SH (1966)

Please Add...

Please add this caption to the previous post:

A visitor looks at an artwork Red Arm by Pia Stadtbauumer during an exhibition entilted 'the Sculptor' on February 18, 2013 in Dusseldorf.

One Man, One Hand, One Word


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Is Not Edward Hopper...

This Is Not Edward Hopper on steroids.
Nor is it an Edward hopper painting
through a sterilizer

If lucky enough to spend my birthday in New York,
I will be able to see
this Whitney exhibit of the McNay Collection
Up close & personal.

Image: Jared French, State Park (1946)
Egg tempera on composition board.

Turn, Turn, Turn

Turn a leaf for Georgia Okeefe
...Two Leaves...
Georgia Okeefe

Man & Woman

The exhibit is entitled Beauty & Revolution


Bliss Daddy (CR #703)

But Mommy is scrambling eggs for you

Crossing Midfield (CR #702)

For some people, dating is a never-ending process

...Cassatt, Brookins & MacNelly...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Major Mergers & Other Bad Reporting (CR #701)

Is cartoonist Don Asmussen one of the Comic Con candidates?

Will the American Airline/Carnival Cruise merger require commercial jets with elevator service?

COMIC RELIEF (Pages 700-703)




In the comment space below...let the name-calling begin...

Blogger's Note
The alternate title for this post is (CR #700)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Spotlight On Sam O'Leaner

Sam O'Leaner was last seen
Many posts ago
But now...
What do you know
The guitar figurini
& his hot licks
Got a brand new
Bag of tricks!

Sometimes it happens
In the sweet dark night
Limits exist
Due to copyright
So as to avoid a curse
I can print
Only one long verse
Written in the shadows–
So they say–
The shadows of
St. Valentine's Day

Just about
The other day
In a hotel
Outside Piscataway

Primping for a gig
I reached for the shampoo
Holy semolina!
What that shampoo did do

It walked. It talked
With froth & fizz
Bubbling all over
Like the Izard of Wizz

By that time
I was quite disjointed
But to the window
The shampoo pointed

So I took a look
And what did I see?
A campus bigger
than eternity.
Sam O'leaner
Fret not please
We got the goods
To cure any disease

We can make you dream
Of loving Gloria Swanson
Because our name is
Johnson & Johnson

The copyright holder of "Johnson & Johnson Blues" is–of course–
The Lewis Carroll School of Logic.

From his stealth executive office on the Piscataway premises of LCSOL,
Chancellor Pro Tem Caryl Hobbes insisted on limiting the exposed lyrics.

Inquiries regarding usage of this song should be addressed to this blog site.

Blogger's Note
Thanks to Jack McCarthy, The Son of Sam O'Leaner can be found
one healthy scroll south of here.
All you have to do is cross the border of the 2-DIE-4 PHOTO GALLERY

Requested By Caryl @ LCSoL

I told Caryl Hobbes about this poem I just read at a Friday Follies Open Mic.
It was dedicated to "Amazing Grace" on her 92nd birthday.

Some mornings I count ten before
Inventing a reason to get out of bed
But instead of rising,
I count new reasons to go back to sleep
Then I get mixed up by mixed numbers
That is, numbers mixing with words.

One two three
I swim the sea
Every stroke another memory
(With a single demand
You understand
I never want to touch land)
Four five six: Make it last
Candle wax and wicks: Burning fast
Measure thins and thicks: Of the past
Oh God! I say
You are the only way
Your name is Yesterday.

Nickel, dime, or seven cent
What I get is Heaven sent:
The simple touch of a parent.
Mother please understand
Denied your helping hand
I gave you no child to be grand.
But countless is the kid
Grateful that he did
What silly ticher sid.
Eleven thirteen eight:
Hour is getting late
And she cannot wait:
Consciousness is my bad date.
Twentied Twenty-oned Twenty-Twod
Talking sea salt seasons my food
All it says is
“To be continued.”

Other mornings I count up to nine
If doing so helps
Complete a Sudoku puzzle.
Hail the strategies:
Mining the mode,
Either/or-ing, slash & run,
And my favorite: yes + yes = no.

The Godfather of all these strategies
Is the process of elimination.

If the pencil-pushing, logic-laden
Puzzlers of the world united,
The Process of Elimination would be
Their Washington Memorial.
I think therefore I Sudokicize.

After completing a puzzle,
I wait one-half hour before
Jumping into the water.

One two three I swim the sea
But now understand:
I will touch land.

The island of Randomia
Is a little bit this
A little bit that
It is neither here nor there
But slightly south of everywhere.
It is where
Who, what, when, why and we
Are fancy foliage in a word tree.
Subject, verb & object
Form the designs.
Military might is bullets
And punchlines.
Neighboring quotes may not
Know each other’s name
With every other thought
Only a player in the game.
Welcome to Randomia

WHO said "The more you write,
The more you need a weedwhacker?"
I did! And also...
If they gave Mona Lisa a makeover,
She'd look a lot younger but
WHAT is the point?

WHEN the creative process is 10% excellent
And 90% excrement,
Just tip the scale...
WHY do we need two hands to put on one glove?
M J went through the looking glass:
He put one glove on two hands.
If Michael was freaky for wearing one glove
Then how do you explain baseball?

WE all need something to believe in
Even if it’s just disbelief.

Blogger's Note
WHAT COUNTS is now (officially) the copyrighted property of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic.
Thank you, Caryl and additional gratitude to Robby Ravenwood for providing a towel.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fish Falls From Sky

This is not an Onion News Network nor an Oregano News Organization article.
The source is NESN

Is this Mike Trout sending a message to second-year compatriot Bryce Harper, ala mob bosses of old? Or are the ospreys in Florida unhappy about the way the Nationals finished last season?

Motive is hard to judge in this case, but at least this much is known: A bird flying over the Washington Nationals’ spring training practice Thursday in Viera, Fla., dropped a fish onto the field.

The bird appeared to be an osprey carting its dinner home, and after it lost the food, it began circling the field. Denard Span and Brad Horn started making noises to keep the bird from coming back for its supper.

“I was kind of squealing a little bit,” Horn said, according to The Washington Post. “I kept thinking, that’s his dinner. That’s his food. As I was looking down at the fish, I didn’t want him to think that I was trying to take his dinner and have the bird come from behind me or come from the sky and try to attack me.”

Span was more concerned with the bird’s fielding.
“I’ll tell you what, that bird definitely didn’t have good hands,” he said. “He dropped his dinner.”

Span was happy to see teammate Ian Desmond, who knows a bit about fishing and identified the fallen fellow as a crappie, pick up the fish and chuck it over a nearby fence.
“I’m scared of fish, scared of birds,” Span said. “The only thing I’m not scared of is probably, like, an ant or something like that. I don’t know what it is. I don’t like to get my hands dirty, other than clay and dirt.”

The Nats should be safer once they head back north after spring training — although, if the fish-dropping bird follows, perhaps they can call on the Cardinals’ rally squirrel to help with cleanup.

Donald Byrd, R.I.P.

Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture Byrd II was born in Detroit on December 9, 1943
He died on February 4, 2013

When Donald Byrd recorded Cristo Redentor, it was empirically proven that Jazz is
a superior legitimate religion.

His recording career spanned seven decades, which is a reasonable reward for anyone empirically proving anything.

In 1959, Donald Byrd was a sixteen year-old kid who serenaded a very late night
New York City subway car audience.
I kid you not but the photograph was taken on the A-Train to Harlem

Please reward your ears with as much Donald Byrd music as you can access. But the remainder of this post is about two people at the unseen end of that subway car.
That is, the photographer and his wife.

During my tenure at Jefferson, I was fortunate enough to sit down with the Claxtons at a Los Angeles art gallery. (The "sit down" was inspired by another William Claxton jazz photograph.) When I told them that some of my better Latino math students were chollos, the wife thought I was referring to a restaurant called El Cholo.
Her name is Peggy Moffitt and, on that 1996 afternoon, she hadn't aged a day in thirty-four years.

William Claxton was the "slash man" of legendary Jazz photographers. He also photographed the most controversial fashion spread of 1962: Rudi Gernreich's topless bathing suit, the monokini

The model was Peggy Moffitt

When you link onto the William Claxton image page
the third photograph you will see is Mrs. Donald Byrd.

Blogger's Notes
Caryl Hobbes, Chancellor pro tem of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic, insists on the following footnotes:

The only chance in hell that Peggy Moffitt would remember Paul Oliverio is due to his bumming a cigaret during our "sit-down" conversation.
I think it was a Marlboro Light.

Upon arrival at the A-Train hyperlink, enter Donald Byrd in the search window. The subway car photograph is not included there but I hope you are fortunate enough to buy access a hard copy of William Claxton's Jazz Seen.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blackie's Liquid Salad Bar

Where's Billie?
Said the cat

I'll show you
Where she's at
She's right here

Spoke chair #17
Who turned green
When the queen
(Chair #3)
Queued up to say
I've got an iso
Of Billie Holiday

Where's the Duke?
(Not of Wellington
But of Ellington)
Asked Blackie the Cat

I am where he's at
That was chair #1
Yes! The band
Was having fun

Sang a chair chorus
Front row: #16, 7, & 6
(And more)
#5 and #4

To keep your eyes alive
This is "chair" #5

The trumpet you see
Is with a man
Called "Dizzy"

Show the ivory hands
Let everbody see

Shouted chair #20
Blackie responds obligingly:

Unblock this poem
It's so willy-nilly
Denude the mystery
Of Gjon Mili

Each chair number corresponds to a photograph.
The photographs were taken by Gjon Mili at his studio during the early 1940's. Some of them would grace the pages of Life Magazine (October 11,1943). Most of them would remain invisible to the public (Gjon Mili's books notwithstanding).

All of the photographs were taken during late night "jam sessions" and are presently featured in a TIME/Life photographic essay entitled Giants at Play: LIFE With Jazz Legends

To describe Gjon Mili as a jazz photographer is like describing a Rolls Royce as a nice car. To better describe a "jam session," I will end this post with an excerpt from the 1943 Life article.

A jam session is an informal gathering of temperamentally congenial jazz musicians who play unrehearsed and unscored music for their own enjoyment. It usually takes place in the early morning hours after the participants have finished their regular evening’s work with large bands…. It represents the discarding of the shackles imposed by working with a band that plays You’ll Never Know and All or Nothing at All in the same unimaginative arrangements night after night. It represents the final freedom of musical expression.

Recently such a session took place in the New York studio of LIFE photographer Gjon Mili. From shortly before 9 p.m. until after 4 a.m. some of the most distinguished talents in jazz performed for an audience which, in the smoky sweaty barn of a studio, derived an alert, fascinated, almost frenzied enjoyment from what it heard.

Godette's Tennis Partner



Godette's very infrequent earthly visits usually involve a tennis court. Had She been present on that infamous Parisian evening of June 22, 2005, Miss Winfrey would never have been denied access to Hermes.

Why Five

Tony Carillo

The high-five tunnel would be a great place to learn the times table
If the only possible way to count things was counting them by fives.
The man and woman are Larry and Eleanor.
They are about to go another way.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Through The Looking Chess

Caryl Hobbes, executive everything secretary of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic,
is a graduate of  The Pratt Institute

He has a dual degree in Architecture and Design.

The historic Brooklyn university has the largest outdoor sculpture garden in New York City.

Friday morning, a four-alarm fire raged through the sixth-floor of the main building.

Caryl's ancestors migrated from Poland in 1887,
the same year the flaming building was constructed.

"I could feel the flames in my heart," Caryl said,
"Duchamp lectured us on the roof of that building. The topic was Inverted Thinking."

The highlighting of my blockquoted poem ©
was inspired by Duchamp's lecture and hopefully will invert Caryl Hobbes' misery.

The New York Fire Department needed two hours to extinguish the campus fire.
The Daily News reported that the only injured civilian refused medical treatment.
Two injured firemen are expected to fully recover.

Meanwhile, Caryl's world-cruising "bosses" just sent him a wind sock
from the Rock of Gibraltar.

From The Philadelphia Garment District

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven

Collage, drawing, mixed materials on pastel paper.
Courtesy of the artist and Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

A Date With Tate


Vivian Maier Redux

Coming soon to an Art Theatre near you...

A name that deserves the acclaim & the fame
Of Weston, Weegee & Weisenthal....

But this woman lived in an attic
With dogs & fleas
And 100,000 prints
Of photographic expertise...


Her legacy left behind no title
For the woman in the shadow
But we might as well call it
(Give or take a few other words)

Now that we're in the groove
Take another look at Vivian's
Photographic ouevre.

The next Vivian Maier page is  here.