Did he really say that?

The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes = GEORGE CARLIN...Stained glass, engraved glass, frosted glass–give me plain glass = JOHN FOWLES...Music is the mathematics of the gods = PYTHAGORAS...Nothing is more fluid than language = R.L.SWIHART

Sunday, March 31, 2013

When His Wards Became Women

Father Frank, a/k/a Monsignor Oliverio, entered the priesthood almost sixty years ago.

Like Father Terence Cooke before him, my Uncle was the Chaplin
at the St. Agatha Home for Boys & Girls in upstate New York.

Like Cardinal Cooke after him, Monsignor Oliverio attended reunions
at the St. Agatha Home for "Destitute" Boys and Girls.

Those girls became women and one of the boys
was alleged to be the star of Welcome Back Kotter.

I do not know if she is pictured here but a St. Agatha girl
became a Professor in Massachusetts.

Once a month for the past five years, she would drive three hundred miles
to Massapequa to pick up Father Frank's sister.
The Professor transported my Aunt seventy-five miles to Mt. Vernon to visit
Father Frank at an assisted living complex.
Then it was back to Massapequa before the long drive home for the Professor.

The Aunt had a nephew who flew six thousand miles FOUR times to provide the same transportation simply because he loved his Uncle immeasurably.
But family connections are subject to toxic influence.

My love for Father Frank is more immeasurable than it was last sentence.
So be it.

Prehistoric Blog

Once upon a time, "blog" was a sound associated with the evacuation of the contents in a person's stomach. If lucky, the person was within upchucking distance of a toilet.

Once upon a time, "share" was a prompt for the cliche share and share alike.
And privacy was paramount.
People, with pen or pencil, recorded their most private thoughts and ideas
in diaries or journals. Intended for no eyes but their own.

Sometimes, the ideas were intended as springboards in whatever field of endeavor
the writer was engaged.
If the writer was a famous person, the public would clamor for access to these
diaries and journals.

Collections of written scraps are also known as notebooks.

If the writer is famous for being a writer, the notebook
is a free pass to the inner sanctum of the creative process.

Raymond Thornton Chandler (July 23, 1888 – March 26, 1959) was an American novelist and screenwriter.

In 1932, at age forty-four, Raymond Chandler decided to become a detective fiction writer after losing his job as an oil company executive during the Depression...His first novel, The Big Sleep, was published in 1939. In addition to his short stories, Chandler published just seven full novels during his lifetime (though an eighth in progress at his death was completed by Robert B. Parker). All but Playback have been realized into motion pictures, some several times. In the year before he died, he was elected president of the Mystery Writers of America. He died on March 26, 1959, in La Jolla, California.

Chandler had an immense stylistic influence on American popular literature, and is considered by many to be a founder, along with Dashiell Hammett, James M. Cain and other Black Mask writers, of the hard-boiled school of detective fiction. His protagonist, Philip Marlowe, along with Hammett's Sam Spade, is considered by some to be synonymous with "private detective," both having been played on screen by Humphrey Bogart, whom many considered to be the quintessential Marlowe.

Some of Chandler's novels are considered to be important literary works, and three are often considered to be masterpieces: Farewell, My Lovely (1940), The Little Sister (1949), and The Long Goodbye (1953). The Long Goodbye is praised within an anthology of American crime stories as "arguably the first book since Hammett's The Glass Key, published more than twenty years earlier, to qualify as a serious and significant...

Privacy was put in a hearse
When they created the Youniverse
When the mythematicians
Proved it true:
The center
Of the universe
Is You

Blogger's Note
YOUNIVERSE is the copyrighted property of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic.
The same is true for the following quote:
"Complete undivided attention died the day texting was born."
But usage can be negotiated...

Mutts & Humans (CR #836)

This is OZZIE

He is Earl's best friend.
Ozzie is Earl's "Earlter Ego"


This is Millie & Frank

Think of them as
"Mr. & Mrs. Mooch"

The Virtue Of The Vague

De winds o change do be
A luxurious breeze or a brain freeze
De truth eeees
All memories are vague
It is a matter of degrees.

Dis poem eeees indeed
Not heaven sent
Nor is memory
A precision instrument

As the crow flies As this blog progresses, Carl Hobbes is the braintrust
of The Lewis Carroll School of Logic.
His comment regarding what you just read:
"Paul, I think you've been reading too much Ring Lardner."

While its older brother is alive and well, my four-year-old Kodak camera (or its memory card) is ready for the graveyard.
If the younger Kodak is laid to rest in The Museum of Moi, I will quote Madonna.
Don't cry for me, Argentina


...It didn't happen...

I mean, I quoted Madonna and wasn't reduced to salt.

Why? Do you not like Madonna?

I do like the idea that she wore a rosary bead as a necklace but YES: I do not like her music.
All I will say about it is that if it weren't for late Twentieth Century MTV, she would be flipping flapjacks, somewhere on Long Island.

That is not entirely true: her publicity department is nothing short of brilliant.
If their talent was musical instead of promotional they would be Beethoven.


Rodney Dangerfield's club is still alive and well despite that not being true for Rodney.

You can never read too much Ring Lardner

Nor can you stop laughing at Richard Guindon's comic strip

Nor should you ignore the music of Willie Nile

Blogger's Note
The home in which I live is also known as "The Museum of Moi"
and the life I have lived is up on its walls.

The Trane On Green Dolphin Street


Here he is.

The Trane.

With his masterful rhythm section;
Wynton Kelly on piano,
Paul Chambers on bass,
and Jimmy Cobb on drums.


- Lester Perkins
Jazz on the Tube

P.S. Please share Jazz on the Tube with your
friends and colleagues.

If they like jazz, they're going to love this.


Help keep Jazz on the Tube going

Tell your friends about us...


Amacord, Inc.
14 North Road
Tivoli, NY 12583


The righthander drew comparisons to Bob Feller when he first came up to the big leagues and won the AL Cy Young Award and World Series MVP with the Yankees in 1958.

23 Murry Dickson...5-10�...157...Right...Right...1916-08-21
28 Art Ditmar...6-02...196...Right...Right...1929-04-03
26 Ryne Duren...6-01...195...Right...Right...1929-02-22
16 Whitey Ford..5-10...181...Left...Left...1928-10-21
55 Bob Grim.....6-01...185...Right...Right...1930-03-08
27 Johnny James.5-10...160...Right...Left...1933-07-23
53 Johnny Kucks.6-03...184...Right...Right...1933-07-27
18 Don Larsen...6-04...227...Right...Right...1929-08-07
24 Duke Maas....5-10...170...Right...Right...1929-01-31
21 Sal Maglie...6-02...180...Right...Right...1917-04-26
55 Zach Monroe..6-00...198...Right...Right...1931-07-08
30 Bobby Shantz.5-06...142...Left...Right...1925-09-26
47 Sturdivant...6-01...186...Right...Left...1930-04-28
21 Virg Trucks..5-11...198...Right...Right...1917-04-26
19 Bob Turley Cy Young Winner + World Series MVP

Turley & Trucks, Duren & Ditmar, Grim Larsen, Maglie, Maas, & Monroe
Shantz & Sturdivant...Kucks was Cool but WHITEY was en route to the Hall of Fame...Johnny, a James Brother, was called Jessie
(by Red Barber) and Murry was a son of a Dick

All these guys did, day in and day out, was throw the damned ball to Yogi Berra
and sometimes to Elston Howard, the Yankees first Black player.

But I hated them all because, in 1958, Willie Mays and his Giants moved across the country. They left New York but I didn't.
I didn't know who to pray to anymore.

So I became an atheist.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Ultimate Vertically Uplifted Dancer

Yesterday, he was nailed to a cross.
Tomorrow, he will rise to give people a direction.
He told them All You Need is Love.
Unfortunately, they understood that to mean
"Love the like-minded and hate everyone else."


Crispy Christie Photography

In April, Christie’s New York will present two remarkable Photographs sales beginning with the deLIGHTed eye: Modernist Masterworks from a Private Collection on 4 April, followed by the various owners Photographs sale on 5 April. The various owners sale is highlighted by works from the most definitive artists of the Modern and Contemporary eras...


A Pulchritudinous Puzzle (JP1000 #4)

How do you describe a woman who can sing folk, pop, jazz, soul, and then some...with the greatest of ease and the maximum of talent?

You do not have to describe her. Just say NINA SIMONE and then please please please, listen to some of her music

CAUTION: you may die laughing when you watch the "jazz" link

Dawning For The King of Squirrels

Mosquitos take place of riveteers
And carry switchblades.
Black flies carry extra
Sets of chompers and
Slug you with their
Back feet in roller skates
So beauteous walks a hazard...
The strange fruitflies from
California who play
Guitars badly and bend ears...
Reduced to riding into town
For the great purpose of
Getting peanuts for the
King of Squirrels...
Chorus men pogo in on
Retirement pensions
Dragging little red wagons
With broken pride
- Dawn Powell

The illustration of Dawn Powell was drawn by David Levine

The next Dawn Powell page is here...

.............GOD BLESS THE CHILD.............. ..............with limited hyperlinks................

Irving Berlin was in Berlin and when he heard it, he almost choked on a weinerschnitzel.

The Gershwins had a car accident when they first heard it. Ira smashed his Mercedes into George's Mercedes.

The year was 1939. Irving, George and Ira were all Jews but their shocking reactions had nothing to do with Hitler's follies.

In his Parisian heyday, Cole Porter had just left Bricktops. He was with Ali Khan who was the first to say "I never heard anything so beautiful."
Cole nearly had a heart attack.

Rodgers and Hart were in Hollywood.
Richard turned to Lorenz and said "If she writes more songs as good as this one, we might as well go directly to the unemployment office."

Them that's got shall get
Them that's not shall lose
So the Bible said and it still is news

Rodgers and Hart, the Gershwins, Porter and Berlin were the creme de la creme of American songwriting. They were all poets with a g-clef.
They were Shakespeares with an orchestra instead of a stage. Musicians instead of actors.

Mama may have, Papa may have
But God bless the child that's got his own
That's got his own

Another composer, who preferred anonymity but was too infinitely talented to have his wish granted, was named Harold Arlen.
Richard Rodgers, without any explanation, played the song– the actual 78RPM– for Arlen. Harold was unmoved.

"Okay. It's Billie Holiday singing. Great lyrics. Sounds like it might have been Irving's work...or was it the Gershwin brothers?"
Richard Rodgers banged his fist on a table.
"None of us wrote it, Harold."
"I am not sure I follow, Richard. What are you trying to say."
"She wrote it herself."
Arlen reached for the newspaper.

"Shit. I thought maybe today was April 1, 1939. I thought you might be playing me for an April Fool."
"No fool intended. Billie Holiday wrote the goddam song. If we' are lucky, God will kill the Child."

Yes, the strong gets more
While the weak ones fade
Empty pockets don't ever make the grade
Mama may have, Papa may have
But God bless the child that's got his own
That's got his own

At Musso & Frank's on Hollywood Boulevard, the back room was closed to the public.
A fifty-pound thick haze of cigar smoke shielded the people in the room from view.
All the above-mentioned composers were there as was Joe Greene, who organized this summit meeting. Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington, however, seemed to be in control.

A similar summit of world leaders should have been taking place elsewhere and the subject for the world leaders would have been Hitler.

Money, you've got lots of friends
Crowding round the door
When you're gone, spending ends
They don't come no more
Rich relations give
Crust of bread and such
You can help yourself
But don't take too much

But these attendees were only world leaders if and only if the world
were made of nothing but song.
"We have to call HARRY THE HORSE," someone said.

No one remembered who said it.
Harry was a hustler.
The composers had pooled together $64,000.

"Harry must give her his 'candy.' Keep her from ever writing another song or all of us will go down the toilet."

She feasted on the candy all the way to the grave but God Bless Billie Holiday
for this Fine and Mellow moment.

Don't explain and don't take any blame
[exclaimed a cat named Zelda]
I assume full responsibility for this page

Blogger's Note.
This cat had eaten kaleidoscopic Kibbles the night before.
Zelda had a dream that took through the looking glass.
She confusedly dreamt the man pictured below was Tonto and the cat was Harry

Not to be confused with any of the Harry animals, Harold Arlen gets a long overdue hyperlink...

BOONDOCK Math (CR #827)

Go Grand-Dad
Go Grand-Dad
Teach The Children Well

Blogger's Note
It was with moist eyes that I provided a link to a Crosby, Stills & Nash song.

Therefore, this page (including all the Boondocks personalities) is re-dedicated
to Ray Peterssen, to whom the Godfather of Math blog site was originally dedicated.
Unbeknownst to me, Ray's life expired within minutes of the birth of the Godfather pages.

Ray loved Crosby, Stills, & Nash because of the beatific harmonies and super-group status. Because they tolled the death-knell of the Byrds, the Buffalo Springfield,and the Hollies, I hated Crosby, Stills & Nash.
But I love Ray Peterssen and hardly go one hour without thinking about him.

BOONDOCK Muppets (CR #826)

When the party of the first part
Insults the party of the second part
(Who only sighs)
Eliciting the party of the third part
To think it cool

It is as if we are in school
(I must surmise)
And the sum of each and every part
Is equal to comic art

Let the last verse
Turn a new leaf
Officially the sum
Equals Comic Relief

BOONDOCK Business Model (CR #825)


With that hair, either you sell lemonade unsuccessfully
or you become a model, quite successfully

Pythagorean Quadruple

Just give it a click
And see below

I humbly apologize to MARIO HERNANDEZ.
He was a student of mine at Jefferson High School who independently
determined something important regarding my published research in the Fibonacci Quarterly...

Mario...Lo Siento...Your name should have been included in the Gratitudinal References...

Bill Graynon-Daly was included and it has been empirically proven that in this school year 2012-2013, he is the hippest substitute teacher in the San Fernando Quadrant
of Los Angeles Unified School District.

Bliss Quadruple (CR #823 )

That's Life


BLISS Breeds JOHNSonian Pearl


- Jasper Johns

I pledge allegiance to the allegiance
endowed by Founding Fathers
The Founding Mothers

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Bliss Gallery (CR #821)


Everything Breeds Nothing (CR #820)


Empty War Photography

Empty War Photography
Dresden in the Morning

Blogger's Note
An actual photograph of Dresden the morning after the infamous attack
is in the 2-DIE-4 PHOTO GALLERY.

It is dedicated to Billy Pilgrim, the main character of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five


ONE small plant
ONE small shadow

Enjoy the view

Dr. Syllableblender: Greatest Grandson .................................of Humpty Dumpty

PATIENT: Today is not my birthday
SYLLABLENDER: Today is your Un-Birthday

PATIENT: A merry merry Un-Birthday to me
SYLLABLENDER: A merry merry Un-Birthday to you

PATIENT: We have something to celebrate
SYLLABLENDER: I'm sorry, your hour is up
......See you next week

PATIENT: I'll wear my Un-Birthday suit
SYLLABLENDER: Only if you promise not to sue

Alice made a short calculation, and said, "Seven years and six months."

"Wrong!" Humpty Dumpty exclaimed triumphantly. "You never said a word like it!"

"I though you meant 'How old are you?'" Alice explained.

"If I'd meant that, I'd have said it," said Humpty Dumpty.

Dawn Powell & The Wicked Playwright

A young playwright called me to say that during his play’s opening last week he had done nothing but hole up in a hotel with gin and oysters and the Wicked Pavillion.

There were people, and Dalzell was one of them, who were born café people, claustrophobes unable to endure a definite place or plan. The café was a sort of union station where they might loiter, missing trains and boats as they liked, postponing the final decision to go anyplace or do anything until there was no longer need for decision. One came here because...

This quote is conglomerate from SELECTED LETTERS OF DAWN POWELL. It is too scrumptious to wait until the cordy bell rings and Salvador Dali starts salivating:

Mosquitos take the place of riveteers and carry switchblades. Black flies carry extra sets of chompers and slug you with their back feet. On roller skates so beauteous walks a hazard...Reduced to riding into town for the great purpose of getting peanuts for the King of Squirrels...Chorus men pogo in on retirement pensions dragging little red wagons.

The King of Squirrels gives an encore performance here...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

February, 1964 (JP 1000 #2)

Did he or didn't he was the question, partially.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone or didn't he?

We were told that he was the "lone gunman"
responsible for the death of President Kennedy.

We were told that Jack Ruby killed the assassin
on national television
because Jack did not want Jackie Kennedy
to have to testify in court.

We were told many things regarding
the death of a president on November 22, 1963.

But some of us had an IQ higher
than freezing temperature
(And thus begat The Sixties)

That winter, in the Untied United States,
the national consciousness was in deep freeze

Until we heard four voices sing She Loves You

But they were an ocean way from us
in the Mother Country:

Then they set foot on American soil
in February 1964
and the quality of life
in America greatly improved
Yeah Yeah Yeah

Four boys from Liverpool performed live
on the Ed Sullivan Show.
The date was February 9, 1964

Everybody was talking about them.
Even some of our parents.

Naturally, there were cover stories about the BEATLES
and stories about the musical quartet continue to this day.

Cover stories in all the national magazines

Four musicians from Liverpool
with four thousand more to come.

TIME magazine had a cover story about music in February, 1964
and I re-read the whole damn thing in 2003
at the Burbank Central Library.

It was in a bound volume with 20,030 pages.

Six library workers carried it to the table where I sat.

I read it on a Saturday and enjoyed the article immensely
despite it having absolutely nothing to do with the Beatles.

It was all about Thelonius Monk
and, in jig saw puzzle form,
this is what it looked like
(from the cover, that is).


Pardon my tipo typo

But sometimes you just have to

Crepuscle with Nellie

And other times you just

Trinkle Tinkle


Ambrose Bierce

The man who proclaims with a hammer
that he has picked a pocket with his tongue.

One who is more interested in himself than he is in me

The Devil's Dictionary 

The next Ambrose Bierce page is here.

Mr. Egghead Says...ooops

I am wider than your blog page but my eggs are going to drill holes in your pocket where the money is...Where flies the elephant bird
Praise be to Christie Almightio...Mr Auctioneer, start the bidding please!

Christie's scientific specialist James Hyslop holds up a chicken egg to scale the size of a sub-fossilised pre-17th century Elephant Bird egg as he poses for photographs at the auction house's premises in London, Wednesday, March 27, 2013. The Elephant Bird egg, which is estimated to fetch 20,000 to 30,000 pounds ($30,210 to $45,315 and 23,645 to 35,467 euro) in the forthcoming Travel, Science and Natural History sale on April 24, measures over 100 times the average size of a chicken egg, and stands at 21cm in diameter and 30cm in height. The extinct Elephant Bird species was native to Madagascar and among the heaviest known birds.


Rosetta Tharpe, The Gospel Guitarist

Wikipedia has this to say about Rosetta Tharpe

But she also played guitar

For example, here she is with Albert Ammons in 1938.

was a PBS documentary wherein it is stated that she influenced someone named Chuck Berry and another person named Elvis Presley.
This link has text about Rosetta and a trailer for the GODMOTHER OF ROCK & ROLL.

The subject is Tharpe but it is a David named Sharpe who let me photograph the album.
David is a Casa Del Mar "good neighbor."
We both hope that the Los Angeles Lakers have no more tragically embarrassing moments this year.
I am obviously not a Laker fan but I empathize with David and do not want to disappoint
Lois, the "head librarian" at the friendliest library in Long Beach.
It is the only one that is opened on Mondays.
If you see Lois there, bring her an apple or maybe a banana but I must thank her for all the coffee tickets(and for leaving her sparkling Dorothy shoes under the desk.)

Dr. Syllablender: Originally Posted 23.7.12

Wherever there is a makeover, there is a mirror–or a looking glass–and quite possibly a film crew.
There are presently twelve TV shows focusing on makeovers. The subjects are women, men, cars, or homes.
But in the lexicographic Wonderland, words can also undergo makeovers.

Once upon a time, it was insulting to be called TRANSPARENT.
It meant you could be seen through as if you lacked dimension; as if you had no heart and no soul. Transparency used to mean something akin to superficial.

Once upon a time, patients revealed to psychiatrists about how shameful some of their personal behavior was. The patient was being self-conscious about behavior thingies.
Along came Dr. Syllablender and when he was informed of self-conscious behavior, he said STOP!
It is not necessary for you to be self-conscious.
What you have is SELF-AWARENESS.

In Syllablender's office, not only was a word being given a makeover, a whole new industry was born!

Another Dawning

More pearls have been cast before this swine (a/k/a Mr. Mud).
The quotes are from Selected Letters Of Dawn Powell

They had spent a drunken evening with Dorothy Parker and her beau in St. Thomas en route [to Haiti] and said Dorothy looked older than God and was a mess but not as much as her boyfriend whom they finished off...Beer bad and very high–fifty cents a bottle–and in the clip house the girls are told to order it for the sailors as they are told to order champagne other places. The leading whore house is called the Square Deal Joint.

The ads in our newspapers, such as Dr. Murray Banks, the Sex Psychologist with dancing, coffee, Freud, Marx, and bebop...There is no iron curtain as iron as the one between the American Way of today and the accepted American idea of the American way...The intelligentsia pretends to know a horn from a harp while the musicians pretend they know a book from a bookie...Men in full regalia present a typically primitive picture as they lock cornucopias in ceremonial dances.

A profitable morning making a toaster out of paper clips. I could not make the toaster, only a lousy old electric razor with onions...“Paris lay down and spread her legs out before any invader.”

...Sartre as a commercial enterprise like corn flakes or Shirley Temple–hotels, magazines, theaters, real estate thrive on his okay, just as our Hopalong Cassady boots, breakfast foods...The men dine in a body at Longchamps...“Never lend a man an axe after midnight”... The Work was at a point where I should be reminded that it is old enough now to go to work but I keep curling its hair and putting its finger back in its mouth.

Would You Like That To Go? (CR #809)


...>>>>>>>>Doonesbury>>>>>>>>Calvin & Hobbes>>>>>>>>Boontown>>>>>>>>MUTTS

More Sex With Dawn Powell

From the trojan horses
Of Gossip & Hearsay
Strangers storm the gates
Of our Experience

Did you say your name was
Paul or Phil?

Call me Mud, Miss Powell

Call me Owl Mr. Mud

The next Dawn Powell page is here...

Hello, Mr. Mellencamp

Please be quiet, everyone's asleep
Stella's locked her door
And she's requested some peace
She teaches the English at the American school

She teaches imaginary numbers and the golden rule
She says it's hard to worry about the future
When your past is knocking at your door
Sweet mistakes and information
Have been her lovers before

John Mellencamp
This May Not Be The End Of The World
(But You Can See It From Here)

Paul & Dawn Had Mental Sex

If you can, you do
If you can not, you don't do.
The can, do
The can't can't.
But Dawnie dear,
let us
Dance the Can Can

The next Dawn Powell page is here...

Blogger's Note
If Dawn Powell were an actress, she would have been the star of Harold & Maude

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hope He Isn't Relieving Himself

Maybe he just wanted to plant a kiss on her cheek

VOLKLINGEN.- visitor looks at a mural by German street artist El Bocho at the Urban Art Graffiti 21 exhibtion at the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Volklingen Ironworks on March 21, 2013. The exhibition runs from March 24 to November 1, 2013.

This was an Art Daily Photo of the Day for last Sunday

Dawning Words: Powell To The People

I should be doing something else right now:

There are at least seventy-five more choice quotes
from Selected Letters of DAWN POWELL 
that need to be filed as a "book report"
but I am feeling too damn lazy.

So the compromise is to post pictures
of pages from the book...
Read and enjoy...

But after compromise, there is action.
Laziness has gone out the window
and select words knock
at the door:

“Yes I know I have the name of an unsuccessful stripper. It is my strong suit”...Our stuff sticks out like an apple on a pear tree...If I have ugly babies, I am going to kill them. Unless they happen to have a rich father...Let us be merry and remember the people in the world who are happy because they are not Educated Up to Their Misery.

It must be embarassing to them to...There I went and spelled embarassing with one r. I don’t like two r’s in that word. It is not right for one word to have two sets of doubles...Powellisms= worruld//peticklers//yestiddy//frinstanz//puffick deah//Amuricca//favver//leberwurst...Jojo: Yun-ny Fommy= uniform//I must foller him. It pizzles me//Schadenfreudenstein.

After he’s through [newborn Jo-Jo punching his mother], he throws his arm over my breast with an air of “I may be through now but it’s mine and nobody else can have it when I don’t want it”...I know this letter doesn’t sound a bit like me but my brain is so lousy. I guess I’ll have to pump it out and fill it up with glue. Then I’d always know where the glue was.

“Mrs. Gousha (nee Dawn Powell) has the honor to tell Mr. Gousha (knee Most Adorable) that on the evening of Monday, June 21, 1926, promptly at 10:59 Alarm Clock time she loves him R.S.V.P. (Ring Soon Very Prompt)”...
Footnote: It is more than likely that by this time she had begun an affair with radical playwright...“I want to tell you all these things because even if we live a hundred years life is still too short to say the truth in.”

The only way to bear living is to not to have things mean anything to you...Any vagabonding they ever did was about as light and charming as Lizzie Borden’s coquettishly peeping over the handle of her axe...The vice is the incorrigible one of the church supper–the starving Chinese, the ragged prisoner of war, the orphan can only be helped by as many people as possible putting on their minks and sables and eating more than they want.

The pure fictional parts are far better than when I was fascinated mistakenly by facts...The only way 
I can face any human responsibility is by not facing it, but this I have to do now and it scares the wits out of me...It was a fine thing when people did not let you know them too well or refused to know you too well. human relationships were better on a tantalizing scale.

Describing her new novel:
The Locusts Have No King...How did I come to mention a minor figure first? Or the love interest? Probably due to six or seven generations of patent medicine flowing through my veins that makes me point out the chocolate flavor instead of the tonic itself...My novels are based on the fantastic designs made by real human beings earnestly laboring to maladjust themselves to fate...They are not slaves to the author’s propaganda. I give them their heads. 
They furnish their own nooses.

Sometimes You Just Point And Click

......On my patio......
...With a new camera...
"This is my sundial"
"This is my pet penguin"
You post those pictures
in the 2-DIE-4

...Then you point and click...
You aim at the vertical
dining table.
That is,
You aim at the kitchen sink
From outside the looking glass
Of the Bay Window.

The kitchen sink is not visible
But this bowl is.

There is now a $4 price tag
On this bowl.
Available from the Long Beach
SC Gift Shop.