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Monday, February 18, 2013

Spotlight On Sam O'Leaner

Sam O'Leaner was last seen
Many posts ago
But now...
What do you know
The guitar figurini
& his hot licks
Got a brand new
Bag of tricks!

Sometimes it happens
In the sweet dark night
Limits exist
Due to copyright
So as to avoid a curse
I can print
Only one long verse
Written in the shadows–
So they say–
The shadows of
St. Valentine's Day

Just about
The other day
In a hotel
Outside Piscataway

Primping for a gig
I reached for the shampoo
Holy semolina!
What that shampoo did do

It walked. It talked
With froth & fizz
Bubbling all over
Like the Izard of Wizz

By that time
I was quite disjointed
But to the window
The shampoo pointed

So I took a look
And what did I see?
A campus bigger
than eternity.
Sam O'leaner
Fret not please
We got the goods
To cure any disease

We can make you dream
Of loving Gloria Swanson
Because our name is
Johnson & Johnson

The copyright holder of "Johnson & Johnson Blues" is–of course–
The Lewis Carroll School of Logic.

From his stealth executive office on the Piscataway premises of LCSOL,
Chancellor Pro Tem Caryl Hobbes insisted on limiting the exposed lyrics.

Inquiries regarding usage of this song should be addressed to this blog site.

Blogger's Note
Thanks to Jack McCarthy, The Son of Sam O'Leaner can be found
one healthy scroll south of here.
All you have to do is cross the border of the 2-DIE-4 PHOTO GALLERY

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