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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DorkMaster333 (A Short Story)

DorkMaster333–that was his hashtag–claimed the number represented his IQ.

To the delight of his 333,000 followers in the TwitterSphere,
he could swing from the rafters above
the loftier levels of logic.

But while performing a quadruple conundrum
on a promiscuous premise,
he broke his cerbellix.

Four out of five doctors recommended surgery
though none of them quite knew
what a cerbellix was.

DorkMaster333 preferred the fifth doctor, Cornelius Quirk.
Doctor Quirk said: "Absolutely nothing could be done."

Thus, the DorkMaster mastered the art of doing absolutely nothing.

He changed his tag to "DorkMasterZero."

His 333,000 followers did the only logical thing possible.
They immediately forgot this Dork.

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