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Friday, May 31, 2013

The G23 Grandfather Of The Duncan

As if an Art Daily page went through the looking glass,
the first hyperlink herein goes a-googling from
above his photo to the images of award-winning photographer: Adrian Dennis

Able Seaman Fiona MacLennan (L) and Able Seaman Megan Ryan (R) pose for a photograph beside the original bell of the 16th century Tudor warship Mary Rose aboard HMS Duncan,
the latest Type 45 destroyer, ahead of the public opening of the new Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, southern England on May 30, 2013 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Despite Seaman MacLennan's sparklingly un-British white teeth, this is not an award-winning photograph.

The succulent shadows of a 2012 London Olympic event won a photography prize for Mr. Dennis

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<The relics from the Mary Rose, the flagship of England's navy when it sank in 1545 as a heartbroken King Henry VIII watched from the shore, have finally been reunited with the famous wreck in a new museum offering a view of life in Tudor times.
The day-long event will mark the symbolic journey of the ship's bell as the last artifact to be placed into the new Mary Rose museum ahead of it's public opening

Mr. Dennis photographed the bell that launched one thousand folk songs and the MAY 31, 2013 ISSUE
of ArtDaily.org would gave him the royal treatment, figuratively speaking.

<<<<<<<<<<Restoration staff working on part of the hull of the Tudor warship Mary Rose during a press preview of the new Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth...Skeletons, longbows, tankards, gold coins and even nit combs are going on display alongside the remains of the pride of Henry's fleet. Thousands of the 19,000 artifacts excavated from beneath the seabed can be seen in the new 27 million GBP (41 million USD, 32 million euro) Mary Rose Museum.

Aint it just like them history-hugging Brits
to name a museum Mary Rose.
Then they go and build it for less than
the price of one Jackson Pollock painting
How un-American is that?

Aint they got any respect for union labor?

But I am willing to bet the house that if
Fiona MacLennan and Megan Ryan were found aboard the original Mary Rose Warship,
King Henry VIII woulda chopped off their heads.

Blogger's Notes
By order of Chancellor Caryl Hobbes, the Lewis Carroll School of Logic dedicates this page to Judith King who bears no relation to King Henry.
Long may her head sit squarely on her beautiful shoulders in the shadows of the Shenendoah Mountains.

The italic text is verbatim Art Daily.

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