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Thursday, May 2, 2013

...........Magreetings From the Sky............. .............. And The Previous Page .............. .............(w/ a pre-Birthday Verse).............

This is not Lewis Wickes Hine

It is Charles C. Ebbets

And the completed Empire State Building is visible in the background.

Hines and Ebbets were both Depression-era photographers
who did some serious vertical hiking
to earn a paycheck.

But not necessarily a photo credit.

Sometimes, history sits on its tuchus before
giving credit where credit is due.

Not until 2003 was Charles C. Ebbets officially identified
as the "anonymous" photographer responsible
for an iconic 1932 image.

Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper

Blogger's 18th Notes
"Tuchus" is Yiddish for buttkus rear end.

According to Lewis Carroll School of Logic folklore, the first time Rene Magritte saw this skyscape, he said "Those men should have been wearing derbies."

But Professor Magritte, the Post-Humous Chair of the LCSoL Art Department,
would have appreciated this video homage
which includes loafing laborers
instead of loaves of bread

The Rockefeller Building under construction
is best known today for the montage that opens 30 Rock,
a popular TV show starring Tina Fey.

Rather than hyperlink to 30 Rock or Ms. Fey,
I yield the penultimate note to Mr. Ironworker
Ms. Irony:

Before her fortieth birthday,
Tina received a lifetime achievement award.

Sometimes history sits on its tuchus.
Sometimes history eats its young.

But I will be fey
About Tina's next birthday
On May 18th, she will be
All of forty-three
As for me--
Give me the floor--
That same day is
When I'm Sixty-Four

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