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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Original Enigma

Unearthed by Mark Twain, the Biblical scolder scholar,
the She referred to in this ancient extract from Adam's Diary is EVE.

The It is he who became ADAM.

At the time of this extract,  Eve was living in the Garden of Eden
which is where she found It.

It isn't a fish. I cannot quite make out what it is.
It makes curious, devilish noises when not satisfied,
and says "goo-goo" when it is.
It is not one of us, for it doesn't walk;
it is not a bird, for it doesn't fly;
it is not a frog, for it doesn't hop.
It is not a snake, for it doesn't crawl.

I feel sure it is not a fish,
though I cannot get a chance to find out
whether it can swim or not.

It merely lies around, and mostly on its back,
with its feet up.
I have not seen any other animal do that before.
I said I believed it was an enigma,
she only admired the word without understanding it.

In my judgment it is either an enigma or some kind of a bug.
If it dies, I will take it apart and see what its
arrangements are. I never had a thing perplex me so.

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