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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Catacombs In The Bronx

On my first visit to the Catacombs
At St. Lucy's in the Bronx
I stood alongside a young couple

She wore a long sleeve dress
He wore a sleeveless shirt

He had a tattoo
Of a naked woman
On his muscular arm

Then Linda said
"Father is ready"
I followed her into the rectory

When we walked to the car,
Father Frank was holding Judy's hand

She was sixteen
Her brother was twenty-two,
Her sister was twenty-five

The pastor of St. Lucy's parish
Said the magic words:
"Do you want to eat pizza?"

His newly-orphaned nieces and nephew
Gave him a look that said:
"Does a bear shit in the woods?"

It was a meal to be remembered
For more than forty years

After we were seated
The executor of our mother's will
Was greeted by the maitre'd

His name was Vito
Or maybe it was Carmine
"Padre, it is great to see you."

The Padre introduced
the three other Oliverios

Carmine welcomed us enthusiastically
Or maybe it was Vito

Whoever he was,
He called over the waiter.
"You give me the bill for this table."

"Yes, boss."


At St. Lucy's Church, in 1972
The name that was closest to God
Was Oliverio
As in "Father Oliverio"

But I will always
Know him as "Father Frank"
Or--and this is simply better--

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