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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Blogmother & the GODS OF GREECE

Ambiguity would wear
high heel sneakers
if The Godmother page
were not read
immediately before
reading this page

To describe Abrams Books
as the consummate publisher
of coffee table books
is like describing Babe Ruth
as a guy who swung a bat

The future Godmother of the Blogosphere's
first Abrams Book appears to give equal authorship
to Arianna Stassinopoulos and Roloff Beny

In fact, Roloff Beny photographed all the images
in GODS OF GREECE and Arianna Stassinopoulos
wrote all the text.

A Canadian native, Roloff died on March 16, 1984
He was sixty years old.

A Greek native, Arianna married Michael Huffington on April 12, 1986
The bride was thirty-five years old.

Abrams re-published GODS OF GREECE in 1993
with a new format

According to Amazon.com, the book was "repackaged
with reproductions of over 65 paintings by Francoise Gilot
(the paintings were created independently not expressly for the book)"

In no way will I compromise the dimensions of Helmut Newton's 1985 photograph
of Arianna & Francoise

The background portrait of Ms. Huffington was painted by Ms. Gilot

The fact that Francoise is twenty-nine years older than Arianna
sends Paul Blogiverio back to his roots:

As a graduate of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic, it behooves me
to send this page Through the Looking Glass...

...to a watermarked photograph of unadjustable dimensions:

Francine Gilot was forty years younger than Pablo Picasso

Figuratively speaking, the last words of this page are of springboard dimensions:
Fran├žoise Gilot is a French painter and bestselling author.
She is also known as the lover and artistic muse of Pablo Picasso
from 1944 to 1953, and the mother of his children,
Claude Picasso and Paloma Picasso.

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