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Monday, July 22, 2013

..............Hap-pre Birthday, Zelda.............. ......Can You Read Me, Mr. President?.......

I wish you were in Dixie,
President Obama
Precisely: this Wednesdie
In Montgomery, Alabama

On July 24,
Nineteen Double Zero
That town gave birth
To a tragic American Hero

Of the female variety
Her name was Zelda Sayre
She died in 1948
But she is still here

...Here, There, & Everywhere...

Wherever the name Great Gatsby
Is spoken or rehearsed
Zelda is the person
Who spoke the name first

Full measure of her talent
Is without herald
Despite (Because of) becoming
Zelda Fitzgerald...

This Wednesday, Mr. President
I hope you find the time
But Blogiverio
Is about to break the rhyme

SUPERZELDA is a graphic novel about the woman
who was born at the birth of the Twentieth Century

THE FOLLOWING is an email which I hereby forward
to the President of the United States:

Please come help us celebrate Zelda's 113th birthday
with a fabulous special guest Tiziana lo Porto.
The party will begin at the museum at 2:00pm.
Tiziana will talking about her new book "SuperZelda"
and Capitol Books will be on hand to make sure
you have a copy for the author to sign.

The event is free, and light refreshments
will be served (including birthday cake!)
Don't miss this wonderful opportunity
to meet a true Zelda aficionado and visit...

Mr. President
If you are not too busy celebrating the birth of the next King of England...
The Fitzgerald Museum is on Felder Street in Montgomery, Alabama.
The exact address was the destination of the two steamer trunks
in this ≈1931 photograph of Zelda

If the museum does not give you a free copy of SUPERZELDA
please deduct the cost of the book from my next income tax refund

Better yet, Mr. Obama, if you cannot make it to Alabama
This Wednesday, please send this blogger as your representative...

Paul Oliverio

At the risk of shilling for Amazon, I now present a browse-worthy copy
of SUPERZELDA for your perusal.

I also include a book review from the Saturday Evening Post.
That magazine featured almost as many short stories by Scott Fitzgerald
as it did covers by Norman Rockwell.

Please accept my apology, Mr. President, for the format (but not the content)
of the first hyperlink on this page. It was written during the antediluvian period
of this blog, aka "Godfather of Math-BC," as in Before Carol.

She has an Art Degree from Pratt University and has become my personal Zelda
but enough about me.


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Anonymous said...

This is your "personal Zelda" with a correction:

I graduated from Pratt Institute,
not Pratt University.

I graduated Magna Cum LaudeMouth: Class of '65.