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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hap-be Lated Birthday, Mick Jagger

Two days ago was Mick Jagger's seventieth birthday

And--at least--seventy fingers would be needed to count
All the excellent Rolling Stones' videos...

Therefore, I went elsewhere
to find an appropriate video.

PERFORMANCE was an extraordinary 1970 film
made even more extraordinary when seen
under the influence of the chemicals of fashion

Mick Jagger
Memo From Turner

This youTube video has
a three minute preface
leading up to the song

And I will go to my grave believing
that the back-up singer whose voice
is heard in the preface...

Is the same back-up singer
on the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter

Her name is Merry Clayton
So..........Please ask:

"Paul, why will you go to your grave
believing Merry Clayton sang in PERFORMANCE?"

Because Merry Clayton attended Jefferson High School and...

Had I begun my career there twenty years before I started teaching at Jefferson...

Merry could very well have been one of my students

But please..........
hold off on that "taking it to the grave" business:

The Wikipedia link for Merry Clayton confirms that a
Jefferson student did indeed sing in PERFORMANCE

As for all those Rolling Stones' videos...

The absolute very first video of the Rolling Stones
for American teenagers was originally broadcast in October, 1964

They performed Time Is On My Side on the Ed Sullivan Show

And, once upon a time, Mick Jagger was only fifteen years old

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