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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ringo & The Rockin' Rooster (CR #972)

If the Rockin' Rooster had become a drummer
by listening to no one but Ringo Starr
this Vermont farm scene would be re-created
in an exhibit room adjacent to what is featured
in the following Photograph


Ringo: Peace & Love, the first major exhibit ever dedicated to a drummer, ends March 2014

The exhibit includes:

• The drum kit he played on The Ed Sullivan Show

• The drum kit he used while recording Let It Be and Abbey Road

• Ringo’s Sgt. Pepper Suit

• The Red Jacket worn during the filming of The Beatles' rooftop concert

• Personal letters, photographs and documents from the Starkey family
and Ringo’s days with the Beatles

It also is an interactive exhibit, where visitors can take a drum lesson with Ringo.

The cartoonist is HARRY BLISS

Ringo's exhibit info is from Art Daily

artdaily.com ©

The Rockin' Rooster crows Coochy Coochy
And no farmer is forsaken

A splendid time is guaranteed
For all who thus awaken

In lieu of cock-a doodle-do
As the Coochy Rooster
Flaps his wing

You will hear
Ringo sing

Again you hear Ringo
In the page's upper half

When you click on the word

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