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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Forty-two Years Ago Today...

...Jim Morrison died
in a Parisian bathtub

He was known as The Lizard King

Jim was the leader of the Doors
And a poet laureate of the Sixties

He taught us how to Break on Through
(For better or for worse)

Jim was not the only Rock&Roller
To die at the age of twenty-seven
Jim Morrison (12/8/43-7/3/71)

I'll give you Five to One odds that--before today--the "crucifix" image of Jim Morrison
and the seated, pensive camera-be-damned image of him were never shown in public

But do not thank me: thank Ed Dephoure.

It was February, 1968 but only Mr. Dephoure's attorney, knows the exact date.

During intermission of an official Elektra Records promotional video,
the director (Mr. Dephoure) was privileged enough to take
backstage photos of the Jim Morrison.

The main subject of this 1968 promotional video was Elekra Records' first "folk-rock" singer
under contract with the company.

Arthur Lee became the label's best-selling artist until he asked Elektra's management
to go to the Whisky-a-Go-Go to hear Arthur's best friend perform.

That friend was Jim Morrison and the band was the Doors.
Only after Arthur convinced an unimpressed (Jac) Holzman to hear the band
a second time...

...Did history give birth to the Lizard King?

When four lads from Liverpool famously sang All You Need is Love, they might as well
have been singing about Arthur Lee's band

On this day, nothing could make the late, great Jim Morrison happier than if history
gave its' due to the music of Arthur Lee and LOVE

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