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Saturday, June 29, 2013

..........The Godmother of Blogland.......... .........(Before She Huffed & Puffed).........

Her beauty can
Snuffle up to us
You'd think she was born
Arianna Wiggleuptous
But beware
Ladies & Gents
She has no lack
Of Intelligence

By legend, she is Arianna Huffington

But in 1983, Arianna wrote a book entitled The Gods of Greece

That was light years before she became the Godmother of Blogland

In 1983, she was merely an exquisite and exquisitely intelligent woman
who had an exquisite way with the written word.

That same year, Ms. Stassinopoulos appeared on the Merv Griffin Show
to promote the book.

This is how the future Godmother described an ancient Greek deity:
Artemis is freedom—wild, untrammelled, aloof from all entanglements.
She is a huntress, a dancer, the goddess of nature and wildness, a virgin
physically and, even more important, a virgin psychologically,
inviolable, belonging to no one, defined by no relationship,
confined by no bond

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