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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

F. Dawn Fitzgerald

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Let us give Dawn Powell a name makeover.
Let the author of The Golden Spur be re-branded as F. DAWN FITZGERALD.

I know what would happen if Ms. Powell's books were sold
with that deceptively marketable name.
Anyone purchasing such product would run back to the book store and either buy more
F. DAWN novels or leave a big fat tip on the counter.
Or both.

Eleanor Lanahnan, grand-daughter of Scott Fitzgerald and Trustee of his estate, would be flattered by the confusion.

Seventeen years ago, Eleanor unveiled the Centennial Birthday Statue of her grandfather in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Frances Scott Key Fitzgerald was born there on September 24, 1896.
Dawn Powell was born the same year.

Which begs the question:
How would her grandfather advise the Trustee of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Estate
regarding the matter of F. Dawn Fitzgerald?

Eleanor, if they offer you 20% of sales, ask them for 19, which is a much sexier number, just like Ms. Powell's writing style.
If only I could have dovetailed high society with low society the way she did...but she had that disgusting allegiance to logic.

And one more question:
What would Eleanor's grandmother say about this?

Somebody please...re-publish my books and call the author
F. Zelda Fitzgerald

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