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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Really The Blues Can Really Be ................Yours Daily................

An open letter from our beloved provider, Lester Perkins:

We're starting a new channel tonight...
Really The Blues.com

If you love the blues check it out,
join the list and most important,
spread the word.


If Victoria Spivey is not a Pearl of a woman,
We might as well spend the rest of our lives
Counting grains of sand.
In the photograph below, the young man
Standing alongside Victoria needs no introduction.
But he knew about the BLACK SNAKE BLUES
Many years before he found the answer
Blowing in the wind.

To give you a chronological fix
BLACK SNAKE dates back to 1926

On this 1963 live recording of BLACK SNAKE BLUES, Lonnie Johnson introduces Ms. Spivey and accompanies her on guitar. The harmonica is played by Sonny Boy Williamson

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