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Monday, April 22, 2013

Louise Lasser...........Tom Mullavey........ Mary Kay Place........Graham Jarvis........

She had a smile that glowed brighter than her freshly-waxed kitchen floor but
Mary Hartman's smile had nothing to do with happiness.

Five nights a week, from January 1976 through May 1977, Absurdity & Irony
wore high-heeled sneakers. And television has never been the same.

...Dody Goodman, Debra Lee Scott, Victor Killian, Philip Bruns and Claudia Lamb were the other original cast members of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

The Google-image hyperlink names one related search: LOUISE LASSER.
The other name most associated with Mary Hartman is none of the above.
It is producer Norman Lear
He feels this episode of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman may contain the best performance
in the history of television.

And I feel obligated to quote Ann Marcus who was a co-creator and chief writer of the show.

We knew it was good, but we weren't prepared for the overwhelming reaction to it. MH2 wasn't just a hit, it was a mega-hit. In no time at all it became addictive, a "pop culture craze," as Newsweek put it, "a sort of video Rorschach test for the mass audience."
Everyone was talking about it or writing about it. Critics were comparing it to the best of Chekhov, Cervantes, James Joyce, John Updike and Ingmar Bergman. Mary Hartman stared out from the covers of every popular, glossy, high and low-brow periodical in the country. And inside there were long analytical pieces on the meaning of it all...
-Ann Marcus

And I will close this page with what Mary Hartman had to say about personal fate and STD.

I know, I must have been born under an unlucky star. You know I have filled out entry blanks for every single drawing in the supermarket for the last twelve years, and the only thing I ever won was a coupon for a small little jar of tomato paste. But they were out of tomato paste, and by the time they got more in, my coupon had expired. And now I have venereal disease.

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