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Thursday, April 25, 2013

.......The Son Of Sam O'leaner Artist....... ...........& The Son Of Sam Oliverio...........

The Son of Sam Oliverio
(Also known as me)
Had his mind
Trapped in a tree
But not this one

This tree is scratching his head
About a blog caption that he read
Where there is another Man-Tree

(You can completely ignore my mind
But "Son of Sam O'Leaner" is easy to find:
Just scroll down and you will see
A fixed-position photo atop the GALLERY)

The caption reads
His Father is only one click away
But that is only true
In a symbolic logic sort of way

Yet sculpture is symbolic fathering
And I need to set things right
He who created both Man-Trees
Is a sculptor named Joseph Wheelwright

But a Wheelwright truth
When a sculpting he be:
Not every man
Is made from tree

Blogger's Note
For reasons too personal to mention, this page is dedicated to cousin Bunny.

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