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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

O.N.O. & Claude-Joseph Vernet

photo by Andrew Cowie
Auction handlers Gil & Lari Osistantes are in Vertical Hold mode
They are handling C.J. Vernet's View of Avignon
At the hung-fast moment of the Vertical Hold, the auctioneer
Opens his mouth and The South Bee audience throws number$
At him until they are gavelled into submission
The Oregano News Organization is cognizant of the fact that not everyone is familiar with Dawn Powell's novels or Ambrose Bierce's dictionary
The Oregano News Organization is cognizant of the fact that not everyone prefers alternate reality to fact-based information.
Therefore, we reproduce Mr. Cowie's photograph with blockquoted verbatim text
from Art Daily, the most frequently hyper-linked website within these 850 pages.
Gallery assistants mount the painting
"View of Avignon from the right bank of the Rhone"
by 18th century French artist Claude-Joseph Vernet
at Sotheby's auction house in London,
where it is estimated to fetch 3 - 5 million GBP
in a forthcoming sale.
The work is Vernet’s only recorded painting
of his birthplace, the French city of Avignon,
and was once believed to be lost and
will be offered for sale for the first time
in 200 years at the Sotheby’s London Old Master
and British Paintings sale.

Blogger's Note
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