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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Goodbye GoodFather

The reason for the strikethrough appears here

The reason for the altered spelling of Mr. Hobbes' first name:
that is how it is spelt on the official document promoting him
to Wizard Chancellor of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic.

Words pirouette
Out of the mouth
Then fly south

Ideas ferment
In the head
Then are declared dead

The GoodFather of Math
Has taken a bath
Before reality had its say

"GoodFather" will not see
The light of day

Long live
The GodFather of Math
Let it be
This blogger's singular path

-Karl Hobbes

If the Chancellor of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic says it isn't so, then it aint so.
Just because you wanted a sequel, doesn't mean it will be equal.
The italic sentence was scribbled in the margin of Mr. Hobbes' poem.

For fourteen months, I had averaged two blogposts a day...
The idea of a companion blogsite justified a full week without any posts.

Now it's back to work for this GodFather
And that's good news!

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