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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Somebody's Been Reading My Blog...

I must commence with a confession:
I was never a shop-o-holic
But I was a shopLIFT-a-holic
Who got busted for stealing this album
From a New York department store.

The year was 1968. Goodbye and Hello
was Tim Buckley's second album.
It was released in August of 1967.

One month later...
a condensed inversion of that title
was recorded by four lads
from Liverpool.

Hello Goodbye/I am the Walrus was released on November 24, 1967.
Within a week of that date, I purchased the Beatles' 45 RPM from the same store
that busted me for shoplifting the following summer.

I sometimes wish I was insane enough to believe that the Buckley theft jinxed his career
and the Beatles purchase propelled them to stratospheric heights.

I sometimes wish I was gullible enough to believe the Beatles' Hello/Goodbye was directly influenced by Buckley's Goodbye and Hello.
But I am brazen enough to stand by these words:

If ever you read a list of ONE HUNDRED GREATEST ROCK & ROLL ALBUMS
and it does not include Tim Buckley's Goodbye and Hello,
you can toss the list in the nearest waste receptacle.

The lyrics of the title song and the song itself are featured on page 782
of the GODFATHER OF MATH novel web site.

I sometimes wish I was stupid enough to believe that the people responsible for the film about Tim Buckley were directly influenced by this blogger's two Buckley pages. I first heard about the movie a week ago but it was filmed in 2012.

The title of the movie is taken from Tim's seventh album

Hong Kong Bar may or may not be
featured in the film but it is featured on this album.

The title of the movie is Greetings From Tim Buckley.

The scheduled release date, in limited theaters, is May 3, 2013.

Mr. Buckley posthumously contributed to a collaborative poem
humorously posted in GoodFatherland. 

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