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Friday, June 14, 2013

Link-free Update From Chancellor Hobbes

Dear Paul

As now and always
both have known
minute by minute
vocabulary has grown

Acronyms can be
and have been since
the days of Polonius

Synonyms can be sinful
or understood by
only a pinful

Songs will always be sung
but acrobatic is the tongue

Largesse measures lingo
Mr. Oliveringo

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.
we all send our kisses
infinite be
the definition of We

And what's more
the next verse
is no non sequitir

Many have said
I'd rather be fishin'
yours truly will settle
for a re-definition

Of an acronym
known as USC
which you and me
know most differently

The Universal System of Chimerica is to the University of Southern California
as the rock is to the pebble
As the Oxford English Dictionary is to the dollar store dictionary
As God & Godette are to the Angels & Devils

The uber-USC we both know and respect has re-issued
What a new "spell" they have cast

They addressed me as "Chancellor" but re-titled me as
The Wizard of The Lewis Carroll School of Logic.
More importantly, the name on the certificate is...
Karl Hobbes

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