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Friday, February 15, 2013

Through The Looking Chess

Caryl Hobbes, executive everything secretary of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic,
is a graduate of  The Pratt Institute

He has a dual degree in Architecture and Design.

The historic Brooklyn university has the largest outdoor sculpture garden in New York City.

Friday morning, a four-alarm fire raged through the sixth-floor of the main building.

Caryl's ancestors migrated from Poland in 1887,
the same year the flaming building was constructed.

"I could feel the flames in my heart," Caryl said,
"Duchamp lectured us on the roof of that building. The topic was Inverted Thinking."

The highlighting of my blockquoted poem ©
was inspired by Duchamp's lecture and hopefully will invert Caryl Hobbes' misery.

The New York Fire Department needed two hours to extinguish the campus fire.
The Daily News reported that the only injured civilian refused medical treatment.
Two injured firemen are expected to fully recover.

Meanwhile, Caryl's world-cruising "bosses" just sent him a wind sock
from the Rock of Gibraltar.

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