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Sunday, February 10, 2013

730 Lucky New Yorkers (2/10/13)

Officials: Joe Crawford, Kevin Fehr, Ed Malloy
Attendance: 19,033
Time of game: 2:22

At full capacity, Madison Square Garden seated 19,763 people
If and only if the New York Knicks were holding court.

Last season, due in very small part to Linsanity
Every professional basketball game at the Garden was a sell-out

This season, due in very large part to A Melo Man
The home team puts a very improved product on the floor

Part of me is thrilled to post a link for Carmelo "Melo" Anthony's
Historical New York Knick moment

But another part of me is reaching for a barf bag
Due in full part to the inconspicuous placement of a name within that link.

I attended my first New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden
When Dwight D. Eisenhower was President.

The World's Most Famous Arena was then
Located on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan
Between 49th and 50th Streets.

Consider me a serious Knicks fan
Just like Spike Lee, Woody Allen, and Keith Richards
But the conspicuously minimized name in the MELO MAN link is Richie Guerin

Madison Square Garden, in its 4th home, relocated to Penn Station in 1968
Since that time, I have associated a "sold-out" Knicks game with the number 19,763

I did not know, however, that full capacity was reduced to 19,033
As of the current NBA season.

Therefore, yesterday's nationally televised game
Between the NY Knicks and the LA Clippers
Had seven hundred and thirty less people in attendance.

Assuming they would have been home town fans,
Those lucky people did not have to be
Eyewitnesses for heart-breaking results.

The Knicks lost to the Clippers by fourteen points.

But if we go through the looking glass
And view this bi-coastal contest
From west coast to east coast...
That is, from the perspective of
A Los Angeles basketball fan...

Good things do happen
When the uninjured Mr. Paul
Can be seen actively wearing
A basketball uniform
Instead of passively sitting
On a bench wearing
A designer three-piece suit.

Blogger's Notes
The New York Knick in the photograph is Imam Shumpert.
Richie Guerin will be featured in an upcoming post about The Century Game.
To view the actual blockquoted data and other poetry in numbers, click here

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