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Friday, February 1, 2013

Quoting Langston Hughes (LH #2)

When there is not much to share, loving is one thing and sharing is another.

You have got to learn to change your character and budget both your money and your pleasure.

Taxation without consideration is tyranny but if you do not know how to add, subtract, multiply, erase, deduct, steal, stash, save, conceal, and long-divide, it is worse than that.

The Best of Simple


Two examples of LANGSTON LOGIC
All women are contradictions. But contradictions are part of the charm. "Inconsistency, thy name is woman." However, there is a high probability that by substituting man for woman, the validity of the statement is undisturbed.

The enormity of the untouchable.

Unfortunately, I do not know when or where Langston Hughes exercised this "logic" but regarding the posted portait...

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