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Monday, February 4, 2013

Apples, Peaches, Monkees, & Substitution

Davey Jones performed on the Ed Sullivan Show (2/9/64)
So did The Beatles
In the 1964 Broadway production of OLIVER, Davey Jones was the Artful Dodger.
To dodge the trauma of having my name misspellt, I am sometimes known as Paul Oliver.

During that decade, George Harrison was getting curiouser and curiouser about religion.
During that decade, Mike Nesmith was getting curiouser and curiouser about musical videos.
Justifiably, Mike Nesmith has been referred to as the Godfather of MTV
You are reading the Godfather of Math blog.

In his adolescence, John Lennon was known as Johnny Boy.
Micky Dolenz auditioned for The Monkees TV show playing a classic Chuck B. song and the title of the song was Johnny B.

In relation to his Beatle buddies, Ringo Starr was the fall guy.
In relation to his Monkee mates, Peter Tork was the fall guy.

The Beatles created a company called Apple
The Monkees created a video for their song, Apple, Peaches, Bananas & Pears
The Beatles called it APPLE in deference to the initials of the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland. Her name was Alice Pleasance Liddell.
How do I know this?
Just read the George Harrison hyperlink to the end of the page.

You have almost reached the end of this page.

Blogger's Note
Carl Hobbes (or his world-traveling executive bosses) demands I end the page with an acknowledgement.
This app application of THE SUBSTITUTION PRINCIPLE is the copyrighted property of the Lewis Carroll School Of Logic.

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