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Friday, February 15, 2013

Ode To The Code

Bar code
Dress Code
Morse Code
Less Code
Everybody's gotta have a code
Red Code
Blue Code
Top Code
Silk Code
Everybody's gotta have a code
Zip Code
Drip Code
Nose Code
Gold Code
Everybody's gotta have a code
Canned Code
Manned Code
Land Code
Banned Code
Everybody's gotta have a code
France Code
Chance Code
Prance Code
Dance Code

CODES is the copyrighted art of Craig Allen Lawver.
I sincerely hope that Mr. Lawver's CODES
gets dovetailed with this Billy Joel song

Ode To The Code is the copyrighted property
of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic.

It was written under the influence of virtually everyone
who has ever appeared in the GodFather of Math blog site,
some more than others.

Harry Nilsson and Robby Ravenwood
fit into the "more" category
but they are not alone.

Contact this website for information
about any legal usage/performance
of Ode To The Code

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