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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Scamological Truth & The Boomerang

CAUTION: if cynicism makes you break out in hives, you may want to avoid the following excerpt from Neither/Nor. Written in 1997, it is the first of my seven copyrighted "novels." This is not the first Neither/Nor excerpt to appear on this blogsite.

The more you spend the less money you have...is not always true.
Politically speaking, that is.
Be articulate, sincere, considerate, and conscientious, or do what is much easier: give the appearance of all of the above. Gain the trust and the vote of your constituents and they will freely allow you to spend their money.
Spend it liberally and fear not any over-expenditures. Fear only the inability to justify the expense. The more generously the revenue is thus spent, the larger the portion of this money that will boomerang its way to your back pocket.

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