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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sepia Monday in O.C.

A view from right field with Big Screen access. An unseen right angle is formed by the foul line and the fould pole. However, "any ball hitting the foul pole is a fair ball." That is Baseball's Delicious Irony #37.
Delicious Irony #1 is "Hit it where they aint." (Wee Willie Keeler)

To protect the identities of these four members of Tailgate Partyers Anonymous, I cropped their heads.
It didn't really matter because they were not drinking alcohol in the stadium parking lot. But I declined their offer of barbecqued schnitzel.

There is an Angel on the basepath and another Angel is stepping up to the plate.
(Bobby Wilson & Mike Trout*)

In the Grand Concourse of the stadium, there was an exhibit of moon rocks and the lunar surface. (Courtesy of NASA)

A Royal from Kansas City is on the basepath as another Royal steps up to the plate. Fooey on them!
We won 6-3.
The pitcher/catcher combination is called the "battery." At this game, the Angels' battery was Wilson/Wilson. C.J. threw his pitches to Bobby.

More than one thousand people at Angels' Stadium were doing the same thing as this woman. Can you blame them?
Call me Exhibit #3 because I posted photographs from this game on at least three blog pages. To access the others, please enter "Angels" in the search engine.

*Will Mike Trout ever have his picture on the cover of TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA?

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