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Monday, August 6, 2012

Prelude to The TBD Blog

The TBD Letter
references the cover story of an ancient SMITHSONIAN. The magazine is a gift from the son & daughter blessed with the names of two of my favorite Lewis Carroll School administrators: Etta Seamster & Daniel DiMaria.

This is the last page of the cover story and the prelude to a post called "Babysitting Adventures..."

Regarding the text in the photo above, Alice's father is Henry Liddell. As a dean of Christ Church, Oxford, he was–for all intents and purposes–Dodgson's boss. The other "don" present at the picnic was Reverend Robinson Duckworth. Alice's mother was also in attendance. This is all well-documented fact and is realistically recreated in DREAMCHILD. The scene on the lake commences at four minutes into the youTube segment.

That the text photographed above is factual segues into the theme of the next TBD blogpost.

The original Etta Seamster inspired the direct link between this world-famous icon and that precious picnic moment on July 4, 1862. She simply asked the question What do you call it when someone is entrusted for the temporary care of children? The original Dimaria was responsible for the preservation of the fabled quote, "Paranoia is never having to say you're lonely because there is always someone close behind you."

At this time, all I have left to say–paraphrasing my Peets Coffee mate–is "Nothing is more liquid than language."

But this I will say this again: Thank you, Bobbie R.

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