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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Angelic Sepia Monday in O.C.


Who is probably surfing as I write this but definitely wasn't surfing when he appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1986?

Which two of these five are also in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame?
Which of these two influenced 22-year-old All-Star Mark Trumbo's batting stance?

Who Scosciaed chauffered managed the Angels into their first play-offs? He has also hit more triples than any other Halo in history.

Which Angel played on both that 1979 team + the 1982 play-off team. He is also the answer to a handful of very select baseball trivia questions.

Which Angelic Hall of Famer was a roommate of Babe Ruth?

Who is the Angels' all-time winningest pitcher?

Which Hall of Famer made cowboy movies and an Art Museum?

Who may be the only the only baseball player ever to use the word "paramount" in a sentence and has the same last name as "Hank Aaron's Best Friend"?

Who owns something nightmarish that was formerly owned by a President of the United States? Hint: the nightmare rhymes with "Strangers."

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