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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

About that YearbookS Photo...

This is the proper perspective of the yearbooks photograph first posted in Bumblee Reunion. A Xeroxed copy of a 1962 St. Luke's Elementary yearbook page was hollowed out. Then it was superimposed over a 1964 St. Helena's High School yearbook page featuring my sister. Both yearbooks belonged to "LC."
At this time, my Lewis Carroll School of Logic handlers (Seamster Jr. & DiMaria Jr.) will not permit me to say anything more about my ex-fiance other than the fact that she engineered the 2004 Bumblees Reunion.

My sister was a better swimmer than me but I would have beaten her in a pogo stick contest if my nose didn't dribble. Linda could throw a football further than her brother but I once won a hula hoop contest which our mother officiated. Had I been a better cheater, I could have had higher bowling scores than St. Helena's best typist.
I was, however, a better dancer than Linda because I learned from both her and her mother. Unfortunately, the first song we three ever danced to was selected by our father.
It was entitled "Sly Mongoose, I Don't Know Your Name." The musicians were too embarrassed to put their name on the record. All that is known about them is that they lived on the Monongehela River in Pittsburg.
"Caught" was her finger-pointing mantra for her kid brother whenever his parents caught him doing some mischief. For example, sneaking an extra scoop of ice cream for dessert but the best quote came from another incident to which his mother responded "I'm glad it was pot and not grass."
Linda Oliverio was the secret love of Jack McCarthy. It was such a well-kept secret that Linda never knew it.

The Lewis Carroll School fact-check office has determined this post to have 95% accuracy.

--ES. Jr.
+ DD. Jr.

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