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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Marcel DuTramp

"I am Marcel DuTramp. The name is spellt
 with a capital T and rhymes with bump."
"Like the Donald?"
"Donald Trump."

He described himself as the resident artist 
of  the Long Beach Jetty.

"I am responsible for feeding the ten cats
  who live between the jetty rocks."
"What are their names?"
"Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta..."
"Gotcha. Can I see some of your art?"

"Of course. This is a photograph of Fingerman.
  It is found art."
"Where did you get the sink?"
 "From my surrealist uncle."
"You are kidding me? You are related to..."
"Yes. I am the nephew of Marcel DuChamp...

He also described himself as the POET LAUREATE OF THE LONG BEACH JETTY.

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