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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kate & The Junior Ring (R L Jr #3)

Ring Lardner Jr. shared an Academy Award for best original screenplay with Michael Kanin in 1942 for Woman of the Year, a comedy that marked the first teaming of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

-New York Times

But in 1938...

Hepburn had made a number of movies at R.K.O., most of them of superior quality but unsuccessful at the box office. The Organization of Motion Picture Exhibitors named her in a diatribe against stars whose movies consistently lost money. (Garbo and Dietrich were also cited). The theater owners denounced the film studios for coninuing to employ these proven audience-alienators, and R.K.O. responded by letting Hepburn's contract lapse.
Her response to this setback was to go back east and announce her unavailability for any movie part except that of Scarlett O'hara in the impending Gone With The Wind

-Ring Lardner Jr.

Blogger's Notes
The title of this post should have been "Gone With The Whim" but vis-a-vis my education at the Lewis Carroll School, the ambiguous "Junior Ring" was unavoidable. Especially when conjoined with an ampersand.
Exponential gratitude to the fellow blogger for the photo below.
Ring Jr. (a/k/a Bill is on his father's right. I believe this picture was taken at "Lardner Field" in Glen Cove, NY. The existence of which inspired Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald to move into an adjacent estate.

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