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Saturday, December 15, 2012

H.U.A.C. Humor (RF#1)

The title of this 1966 song is House Un-American Activity Dream Blues

The Kafka-esque sentence below will link you to the complete lyrics which involve
the chemicals of fashion in the Sixties.

In 1966, if you were hip, you could quote Bob Dylan.
But if you could also quote Richard Farina
then you were a certifiable hipster.

Along come a summons in the middle of night
Saying "Buddy, we're about to indict."

Gotta tell the truth in the booth...

I started out with information kind of remote.
A patriotic mother dragged me down by the throat.
If they ask you a question they expect a reply!
Doesn't matter if you're fixin' to die.

I was lying there unconscious feeling kind of exempt.
The judge said that silence was a sign of contempt.
He took out his gavel banged me hard on the head.
Fined me ten years in prison & a whole lot of bread.

It was the red white and blue making war on the poor.
Blind mother justice on a pile of manure.
Richard Farina

Blogger's Notes
Mimi Farina's maiden name is much more famous than her married name.
She is the sister of Joan Baez.

David Hajdu wrote an extraordinary book about Richard Farina,
the Baez sisters and the blurred boy in this photo.

The photo is unblurred in both the next post and Mr. Hajdu's book.

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