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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sepia & Leather

John Lennon met Paul McCartney
on June 15, 1956

They met George Harrison in 1958.

You would need all the fingers in Liverpool to count all the books written about that city's four most famous citizens.

However, there is one and only one authorized biography:

Hunter Davies

It includes this John Lennon quote:

Every time we learned a new chord from George, we'd write a song around it.

When he met John & Paul, George may or may not have been wearing these leather boots. But he definitely wore them on stage in Liverpool and elsewhere.

Sometime soon, someone with very deep pockets will be buying old shoes. After they are re-sold, George Harrison's boots may or may not be re-soled.

Blogger's Note
The sepia portrait is based on an original painting by Peter Max

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