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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Poem & An Acronym

Subtitle: Good News/Bad News

I just received a letter from Karl Hobbes. It begins with a poem:
Running, walking, skipping rope
Exercise will give you hope

But you only flex
Muscles of delusion

When all your jumping
Leads only to conclusion

The letter included a "stock" photograph which lead me to expect
a cute or clever historical comment.
(Ha) (Ha) (Ha)

They are I-beaming the perimeter of the campus.

The Lewis Carroll School of Logic
has been bought out by a conglomerate
with a "Through The Looking Glass" acronym

USC = United Stakes of Chimerica

This is Chancellor Hobbes' second reference to that Looking Glass acronym.
I had assumed it was an omnipotent-but-friendly "affiliate" of LCSoL

I hope it doesn't mandate addressing Mr. Hobbes as "The Wiz."
But I do prefer the updated spelling of K-a-r-l

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