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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Miles Into The Max Game (Track #3)

Ideally, THE MAX GAME pages should be read in reverse order

Camera-shy Ignacio Villareal, founder of ART DAILY,
Inspired Magritte & Ernst to play, really.
To the post-humous participants of THE MAX GAME,
Their host said... "Ain't that a shame
...But here's some music of another name.
I'm homeward-bound."

Rene & Max bowed to him
But made not a sound.

The founder then said
"When late hours creep into my head,
I get kind of blue
and home is where I'm overdue."

There are no lyrics to reprint here
But many midnight hours lapsed before
Max Ernst's last move,
Prefaced by a mumble
While the Miles Davis Quintet
Filled the air

"Dis track oughta be da answer to da question
Honey, didja know
Our new neighbors are gay?
"The ideal answer is...So What

The Max Master wins another game
In response, The LCSoL Professor
shouted SO WHAT

LCSoL = Lewis Carroll School of Logic

Professor Magritte was so uplifted
by the end of this chess game,
He subtitled one of his own paintings

The Empire of Light

...MAX GAME continues here...

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