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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Original A-Day In NYC & The Third H

Crowds burned K in effigy

A dummy of K was washed down
Wall Street with a firehose

Men carried a coffin made of soap-boxes
up and down Fifth Avenue, shouting that
K was within it, "resting in pieces"

On Broadway, a boy drew pieces of K
over and over again on the sidewalk,
to give the crowds the delight
of trampling on them.

...The new era of peace began

≈Frederick Lewis Allen
Only Yesterday

The K refers to Kaiser Wilhelm

The date was November 11, 1918
The A-day in the title stands for Armistice Day

What had been known as The Great War was officially ended on this day.
Over sixteen million people had died in a war involving more than twenty sovereign states.

Twenty years later, there was another global conflagrartion resulting in The Great War
being renamed WORLD WAR 1

The next World War began with H and ended with another H
Otherwise known as Hitler and Hiroshima.

In World War 1, the United States suffered 117,465 fatalities and 205,640 wounded.

According to Mr. Allen's description of how American citizens
reacted to the official end of that war:
The mood was not that of pious thanksgiving, but of triumphant hate.
Hate is otherwise known as The Third H

Blogger's Note
To read what Frederick Lewis Allen wrote about the decision of the United States
to enter The Great War, click here

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