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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Morning After The Max Game

Ideally, THE MAX GAME pages should be read in reverse order

Today is the morning after Max Ernst & Rene Magritte
began their surrealismo chess match.

By that time, the editorial staff of ART DAILY NEWS
had prepared Tuesday's edition.

"Pablo Picasso: Family Album" brings together portraits from collections of artist's heirs

As the retiring chess players were admiring the cover photograph,
an assistant editor said to them, sotto voce:
The brother and sister are named
Chimpito & Lucy
Transfixed by that information,
Professor Magritte replied:
"They are obviously the product of perfect parenting"

Max Ernst added:
"Somebody ought to market their parents' playbook"

The last words of THE MAX GAME had been spoken.

But another image of Max Ernst appears here.

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Anonymous said...

Is there really such a thing as "perfect parenting?"

Paul Oliverio said...

But there is such a thing as "poetic license."