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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Max Game Music (Track #1)

While Max & Rene played chess
They listened to a song about Hank & Fred

Max Ernst said:
Mr. Fred sure knew
his neighborhood

Rene Magritte replied:
I'd eat a bowl of jumbalaya
Hank made it taste so good

On my way Thursday from the Y
I heard it in the car
Bob Edwards broke the news tonight
yes he of NPR

Driving through Montgomery
I hung my head and cried
Then visited Hank Williams grave
the day Fred Rodgers died

Zelda Sayre, F. Scott Fitzgerald
lived somewhere in this old town
Nat King Cole was born here
Rosa Parks stayed sitting down

Black & white death booze music
genius courage kindness pride
I felt them all around me there
the day Fred Rodgers died
- Loudon Wainwright ©

...MAX GAME continues here...

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