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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Atican City

Omitting not a single solitary letter, the verbatim artdaily.com text describes
one of the Best Photos of the Day.

Had the typo not existed, I would have probably just looked at this photo
with awe & appreciation without consideration of posting it.

Thank od for the typo.

ATICAN CITY. A seagull stands on a statue before the pontif arrives to lead the Rosary concluding Marian month of May on May 31, 2013 at St Peters Square
at the Vatican


The seagull on the statue before the pontif arrives...is living dangerously.
Were that bird to drop some guano on Pope Francis,
the segull would be guaranteed eternal damnation.

However, Art Daily's dropping the second f of pontiff would not justify
damnation for anyone affiliated with one of the world's greatest websites.

If pontiff is written as pontif and nobody is penalized then maybe
we should regard the Pope by a similar truncation.
Praise be to Pop Francis.

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