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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cannot Buy Me Love...

...This is not another Beatles' page but I purposely altered the title of what
we all know and love as Can't Buy Me Love

Not only is the page title misleading but were they to be the words of the song,
musical history might well be dressed in very different clothing,
including none ever worn by a Sargent named Pepper.

The absurdity of song title alteration is the inspiration of p.923 of GodFather land.
But, in truth, it is not at all absurd! The altered title listed below is actual song lyric
but having spent too many qualities years in the middle of the 20th Century, I was dumbfounded by the youTubite who posted a corruption of Come Go With Me...

Then I thought again and realized I have this thing called a memory.
The number of tricks my sixty-four year old memory has played on me
s a number that could give infinity a run for the money.

Come And Go With Me

..................The Del Vikings

Either way you title this song, it is the answer to a Beatles' trivia question:

What is the first song Paul McCartney ever heard John Lennon sing?

Within hours of hearing The Quarrymen sing Come go With Me, lead singer
John Lennon invited the lead listener Paul McCartney to join the band.

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