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Monday, June 17, 2013

.....Daddy Rollin' Stone.....

The composer's name is separated from the song title because they are two distinct links.

Otis Blackwell
.....Daddy Rollin' Stone.....

I need to say a prayer before quoting his Wikipedia page:
Otis Blackwell...was an American songwriter, singer, and pianist,
whose work significantly influenced rock and roll.
Oh Happy Day.........Oh Lucky me
My prayer was answered
I was not reduced to salt for committing
......the crime of understatement......

Don't be Cruel...All Shook Up...Return to Sender...Paralyzed
were all recorded by Elvis Presley

Don't be Cruel...All Shook Up...Return to Sender...Paralyzed
were all composed by Otis Blackwell

Great Balls of Fire...Breathless
were recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis

Great Balls of Fire...Breathless
were both composed by Otis Blackwell

Ray Charles, Otis Redding, James Brown, The Who, Madonna,
Billy Joel, James Taylor, Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty,
The Judds, Carl Perkins, Little Willie John and Peggy Lee...
have all covered songs written by Mr. Blackwell
(a/k/a John Davenport)

The good folks at Plan 9 Music concept will only permit
two highlighted songs within that stellar cast of singers & song titles
(plus a link to the Otis Blackwell image page)

The text of this page will close with gratitude for a David Letterman youTube clip
that begs the question:

What do you call an Elvis impersonator who wrote the song
Mr. Presley made famous?

The answer is obvious:

You call him .....Daddy Rollin' Stone.....


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Otis Blackwell be referred to as the ELVIS PRESLEY MODEL?

Paul Oliverio said...

Quite accurately, Otis Blackwell should have been called THE ELVIS PRESLEY MODEL.

But this page was given a James Joyce-like twist:
It began and ended with "Daddy Rollin' Stone."

re: The previous page...
There is another H-word that is the ultimate survival-mechanism: