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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Linda Shot Paul in 1971, et al

She also shot George, Ringo, John, Mick & Keith, Janis, Jimi and Jim...

She shot Eric and the results were splashed across the history of that thing called Rock&Roll.

In the May 11, 1968 issue of a "Rock&Roll Bible," Linda became the first female photographer responsible for a Cover of the Rolling Stone

Linda photographed enough personages, places, and things to warrant three hyperlinks before a single surname is stated on this page.
Nothing but first names, pronouns, cheap puns, and a multitude of commas.
Not to mention a non-standard use of the word "Bible."

The BBC archives tell you what Linda Eastman and Paul McCartney did on 12 March 1969
Hints: The best man at the civil ceremony arrived late. He was also named McCartney.
The wedding sent out seismic shockwaves to a gazillion Beatlemaniacs.

Five months later, Linda was in attendance at the Beatles' final photo-shoot
but she was too pregnant to operate the working end of a camera.

The date was 22 August 1969
It was two days after the Beatles' final recording session.

Two years later, Linda photographed Paul in mid-air.
Was he diving into a pool?
Was he impersonating Mr. J. Christ on the crucifix?

You may have to go to a museum in Vienna for further information.
If you are going to Vienna, can you stuff me into one of your suitcases?
Only kidding, of course but that won't stop me
from corrupting the words of Lewis Carroll:

The time has come the Paulrus said
To post of only things
Related to the founders
Of a band called Wings

On behalf of Paul & Linda,
I now kowtow to your eyes...

All you need is Love AND TALENT

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