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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sorry, Brooklyn! But I love Mr. Paul

And Bledsoe scored over Blache [rhymes with Wash]...
Please repeat three times:
Bledsoe over Blache
Beldsoe over Blache
Boldsoe over Blache
close enough!

But I be lovin' Chris Paul, who wears my name
And knows the game of basketball
Like Einstein knows science...like Jesus knows love of mankind

When the game is on the line...Mr. Paul is on his game...

It was a two-point game with nineteen seconds.

Chris Paul has the ball eight feet from the basket.

He jumps with the ball. He shoots...

He is blocked from behind. He is in mid-air...

The ball goes from left hand to right hand.

He is still in mid-air...

He shoots with zero respect for gravity.

Divine intervention intervenes...

The ball goes through the hoop.

And Mr. Paul falls

Hard on the hardwood...FOUL

It is a three-point play...

Brooklyn loses while Chris Paul's Clippers

Sail on to victory.

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