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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rosetta Tharpe, The Gospel Guitarist

Wikipedia has this to say about Rosetta Tharpe

But she also played guitar

For example, here she is with Albert Ammons in 1938.

was a PBS documentary wherein it is stated that she influenced someone named Chuck Berry and another person named Elvis Presley.
This link has text about Rosetta and a trailer for the GODMOTHER OF ROCK & ROLL.

The subject is Tharpe but it is a David named Sharpe who let me photograph the album.
David is a Casa Del Mar "good neighbor."
We both hope that the Los Angeles Lakers have no more tragically embarrassing moments this year.
I am obviously not a Laker fan but I empathize with David and do not want to disappoint
Lois, the "head librarian" at the friendliest library in Long Beach.
It is the only one that is opened on Mondays.
If you see Lois there, bring her an apple or maybe a banana but I must thank her for all the coffee tickets(and for leaving her sparkling Dorothy shoes under the desk.)

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