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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hap-Belated Birthday, Dexter Gordon

This email was dated February 27


We honor the musical imprint
left by Dexter Gordon,
today on his birthday.

Join us in celebration
with his appearance on
film in 1963 performing
What's New?

- Lester Perkins
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Pleae do not read this god-awful set-up of an alleged "joke"
Did you hear the joke about the legendary jazz musician 
who got better grades on the gridiron
than he did in his music classes

Thank you for not reading the strike-through
But read the following irreproducible document
with caution.

Were it not for the omnipotent intervention
of my first Jefferson High School Principal
Frank Nakano, the archival office
(and a slew of lawyers) of
Los Angeles Unified School District
would not have issued me a complete set of
Dexter Gordon's Junior High & Senior High
School report cards.

Dexter left Jefferson High School during his senior year to tour with Lionel Hampton

But his most influential teacher (and mine) was Jefferson's Samuel Rodney Browne

The school honored Dr. Browne by renaming the auditorium in 2011. As a student of Dr. Browne's, Dexter routinely performed on that stage. Other performers to grace that stage during Dr. Browne's tenure included Nat King Cole, Billlie Holiday, Duke Ellington...
A student of mine won $2 by naming a tap dancing teenager who performed there: Sammy Davis Jr.

This is (at least) the sixth Godfather of Math blogpost about Dexter Gordon and/or Samuel Rodney Browne but I will bequeath you with a direct link to the Los Angeles Times Jazz critic Don Heckman.
It is impossible to measure how much his tribute to a Jeffersonian teacher influenced my career.

Good enough to be in the Library of Congress, the Dexter Gordon photograph was taken by Herman Leonard

This is the second belated birthday greeting to Dexter Gordon. The first one appeared more than seven hundred pages ago. It features another report card.

Dexter's report cards are the exclusive property of both the Lewis Carroll School of Logic and Dexter Gordon's estate. Please direct any inquiries regarding their usage to this blogsite.

With the possible exception of the Library of Congress, I do not believe Dexter's report cards have ever been given a public viewing.

Soy Califa

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