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Sunday, March 31, 2013

When His Wards Became Women

Father Frank, a/k/a Monsignor Oliverio, entered the priesthood almost sixty years ago.

Like Father Terence Cooke before him, my Uncle was the Chaplin
at the St. Agatha Home for Boys & Girls in upstate New York.

Like Cardinal Cooke after him, Monsignor Oliverio attended reunions
at the St. Agatha Home for "Destitute" Boys and Girls.

Those girls became women and one of the boys
was alleged to be the star of Welcome Back Kotter.

I do not know if she is pictured here but a St. Agatha girl
became a Professor in Massachusetts.

Once a month for the past five years, she would drive three hundred miles
to Massapequa to pick up Father Frank's sister.
The Professor transported my Aunt seventy-five miles to Mt. Vernon to visit
Father Frank at an assisted living complex.
Then it was back to Massapequa before the long drive home for the Professor.

The Aunt had a nephew who flew six thousand miles FOUR times to provide the same transportation simply because he loved his Uncle immeasurably.
But family connections are subject to toxic influence.

My love for Father Frank is more immeasurable than it was last sentence.
So be it.

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